How to Organize a Contest on Social Networks to Promote Your Company

And this contest thing really works? Well, I honestly don’t know, but very soon (14 days) I’ll be able to tell you about it because I’m preparing something to see if people are wrong (or right) when they say that running a contest is a waste of time.


How a contest shouldn’t be
Many contests have a standard structure. They all work more or less the same way. More than a contest, in these cases it is a raffle.

1. You raffle 3 DVDs, 2 books and a dinner at the VIPs.

2. You have to subscribe to be part of a database.

3. The One With the Most “Luck” (or Whatever) Wins the Prize.

If you see the procedure, it is not surprising that on few occasions the organizers do not have the expected success. Panama WhatsApp Number List The big problem is usually above all the attraction of a profile that only signs up because they are looking for free things but on a few occasions later they sign up with a paid service or buy a product.

What I would do to increase the probability of success with a promotional contest
It is not the first time that Panama WhatsApp Number List  I dare to talk about topics that I have no p… idea about (sorry). Well, so we have warned you about it so that later no one complains that because of so much smoke they have not been able to read between the lines . So be careful with today’s “tips”:

1. Increases the probability of being a winner : eg by not offering only 1 prize. It has to seem feasible and even “easy” to be one of the winners. Panama WhatsApp Number List . If you have the feeling that you participate in a draw for a DVD and “compete” with 20,000 people, the probability of participation drops a lot. Things obviously change if the prize is very high because we start to dream of what we would do with the new Ferrari or how we would spend the 500,000 euros.

2. Combine the luck factor with sweat : not everything can depend on the luck factor. You have to leave room for those who work hardest to increase their chances of being one of the winners. Panama WhatsApp Number List . In this way you get to activate those who are motivated because they see that a greater effort increases their chances of succeeding.

3. Dynamically Reports on the Rankings

Panama WhatsApp Number List
Panama WhatsApp Number List

A mechanism must be found in which the work I invest is directly reflected in an improvement in my score. This figure also has to give me an idea of ​​how I am positioned in front of the contestants to know if I am doing well or I have to put more cane into the matter. Panama WhatsApp Number List . The Tweet category tool has been used on Webery . Day to reward the most active Twitter participants using the Webery Day hashtag .

4. Create different categories : one of the things to highlight about Tweet category is that it allows you to measure quantitative factors such as the number of impressions generated, retweets obtained, tweets sent, etc. Panama WhatsApp Number List . and differentiates them into different categories. In this way you can give prizes according to different criteria so that the motivation of the participants will be increased. At the Webery Day Social Media in Madrid.  The event was even turned into a Trending Topic with less than 100 people in the room.

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