How to Manage and Respond to Constructive Criticism on Your Blog

You can never like everyone and especially not all the time. It is a fact that must be accepted and that protects you from feeling moments of deep frustration. I am lucky that in this blog I have experienced very few moments of aggressive attacks by users who have come here to give birth to me or insult me.

My 3 Ways to Receive Feedback on the Quality of Content

The criticism I receive is usually mostly Mexico B2B List constructive. In general, they tend to highlight points that I cannot deny and even accept as a weakness being aware of them. The more I post, the more feedback I get. It can manifest in 3 different ways.

Subscriber Unsubscribes – Subscriber unsubscribes rise above average because the content seems to be less relevant, of lower quality, or people have simply gotten tired of receiving my posts on a daily basis.
Direct constructive criticism : in this case it is about comments on the posts that criticize the quality, the writing or simply my point of view. I also receive this type of feedback through the form on my blog.
Little diffusion in social networks : the retweet button is a good thermometer and indicator to see if a post has been liked or not. All the entries that remain after 1 week below 250-300 RTs have not really been well received by the readers.

How Do I Respond to Constructive Criticism?

“That’s not so” is the first reaction that goes through my head when I read a review from a reader. I try to justify myself because I haven’t done things as well as I could have. These are all excuses that ultimately lead nowhere. We all have significant improvement potential.

1. Take each criticism seriously : criticism is good because it reminds you that it is not good to relax but it should not affect you so much. In each constructive comment you find information to continue improving with your work. It should not paralyze you but have the effect of setting you in motion to respond to it in a positive and constructive way.

2. Take Advantage to Strengthen the Community :

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Constructive criticism must be published yes or yes. Even if you have the feeling that they are putting you to give birth. The most important thing is not to avoid them but to respond to them. Accepting them as part of the process and giving thanks shows that you are smart enough to know that your knowledge and skills are limited, but that does not mean that you are not willing to work on them. It is this display of humility that will make your readers trust you more than ever before.

3. Don’t obsess over critical voices : Humans are weird. You can have 99 people who tell you that you are doing things right and one who criticizes you. That 1% can be enough to radically change your mood and make you feel bad. Not everyone thinks the same.

I hope to receive more reviews in the future. I thank everyone who dedicates a small part of their life to leave a comment or send me a message through the form. The day this doesn’t happen anymore, I’ll start to worry.

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