How to Make an Article From Scratch in 10 Easy Steps

When I publish blogging posts I give advice on all sorts of things. I’ve realized there’s one thing I haven’t really done yet. Share how I make an article from scratch. Perhaps it is interesting to understand both the creative process and the more operational one when it comes to how I publish entries on this blog.

I Hope You Get Some Ideas for Your Future Articles

1. Generate a new idea : It all starts Canada WhatsApp Number with an idea for a new post. Don’t be afraid of having to be brilliant or write about something that has never been written before. What really matters is posting frequently to improve with each new post. As with everything in life, the best idea without execution is of no use to you. On the other hand, one that at first may even seem bad to you but is very well elaborated can be very successful. Readers appreciate and notice if someone has invested time and care in crafting a post.

How to Get Free Tens of Ideas for Articles With WordPress

2. Adapt, resume or improve Canada WhatsApp Number existing ideas and content: posting frequently on a blog costs. When I set myself the challenge of posting every day, I honestly thought it would be easier. Apart from being disciplined, new ideas are not always generated. There are days when you are blocked and you cannot motivate yourself for any topic that comes to mind. In these cases I discovered a way to get myself out of this dead end. A little “trick” that I use is to update my own content or write articles with the help of third parties. We cannot know everything. Sometimes it is good to be inspired and helped by other people.

How to create a viral post with third party ideas

3. Prepare a first version of the title : when you start publishing your first posts you will quickly realize the impact that choosing a good title has. The content is important but if you do not give enough importance to this topic you will be left without visits even if the article deserves it. The first words are key. The average user has very limited attention. Keep in mind that you compete with millions of alternative contents. Maybe your thing is not to be very flashy. I am also not seen as I consider myself as someone who is more quiet and introverted. If you think you don’t need it, I assure you that you will have a lot of difficulties standing out and capturing the visits that you would like to have.

Tits! – or the Importance of Attracting Attention With Titles

Canada WhatsApp Number
Canada WhatsApp Number

4. Create the basic structure : blogs are no longer read, they are scanned. To publish a post correctly, you have to go further than simply presenting the reader with a block of text. It is important to highlight the important parts of the article. A visitor has to be able to grasp the most important messages in a few moments. This is how the probability that the user stays and begins to interact with your article through a subsequent comment or dissemination with their followers on social networks is increased. The skeleton of a post therefore requires that once the title is chosen, paragraphs and subtitles are created that make reading comfortable. Here it is not yet a question of being 100% clear on how the different parts are going to be filled in, but how the text is intended to be developed.

Blogs are no longer read, they are scanned

How to “design” a blog post – 7 points to keep in mind

5. Write the introduction : the initial part of the text is not the first thing that the visitor of your blog will read. Today it can already be considered a challenge to reach this point. Taking into account the “scannability” of the texts, there is a greater probability that a reader will dedicate more time to your content. Many bloggers try to skip this part with the typical “blah blah” padding that only serves to put 2-3 lines of text between the title and the main part. Take advantage from the beginning to hook the people who come to your blog. Let us get away easily. Make them feel comfortable. Tell them a story that grabs their attention. If you share something personal, they will identify with you even more. Try it. You will surely be surprised.

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