How to Improve Reader Navigation on Your Blog

As a matter of fact ,It’s been over 1 year now that , I’ve been saying that I have to improve the design and usability of this blog. It is good to know the theory but it is even better to put it into practice. Browse a blog Fostoria photo rights Realistically the visual improvement will have to wait until 2014. Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List You wake up 2 or 3 more times and you have suddenly realized that it is already winter because time flies when you are having a good time. Why better navigation should matter to you

I tell you in this blog are mostly common sense. At first glance, it seems logical that better navigation has a positive impact on usability, making the reader’s experience on your site more pleasant. If I have to look for the next link or I am clear about where it takes me, I typically leave the web and do not run the risk of wasting time. Longer Dwell Time – People spend more time reading on your site. It has become popular in a short time because it also offers the possibility of monetization by including advertising in related articles (I don’t have it activated). In another blog of mine I am testing a competitor to see if it is a profitable option for a blogger. You can see at the end of this post the visual result you get using the Semantic plugin.

Why Better Navigation Should Matter to You

What can I do to improve the navigation on my blog? In general, a new design is not necessary to make navigation more pleasant for a reader. Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List With small changes you can already obtain important improvements. 1 internal link per paragraph : internal links are not only relevant to improve the web positioning of your page but also to prevent a user from escaping again and creating curiosity towards other related entries. So that the link is visible and not create too much visual noise.

Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List my recommendation is not to use more than 1 link per paragraph (in long paragraphs you can also put one at the beginning and another at the end). If for some reason you have to enter several. Look for a minimum separation of 2-3 lines so that the links are not one on top of the other. In case of a quick reading they cannot be differentiated well and the probability of someone clicking on them is low. 5-9 Categories – Categories are great for giving the reader an overview of what the site is about. Looking back now .Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List I wouldn’t go over 9 categories . Above all, avoid the use of subcategories at all costs.

What Can I Do to Improve the Navigation on My Blog?

Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List
Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List

When someone clicks to see more related posts . They will find hardly any entries which might even give you a regular image. 2-3 levels of difficulty : I took this point out in a conversation with Berto López from . He had conducted a survey among his readers in which some had recommended . As an improvement to use different levels of difficulty to mark his entries.

Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List . In this way a very advanced user does not get bored with a basic article. And a beginner does not getting frustrated because. He is reading an advanced level entry and does not understand anything. 5 related articles at the end – This part is easily fixes with a related articles plugin. Since they help me with some “technical” things with the blog until recently. I hadn’t even known that mine is call Zemanta .

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