How to Implement Oman Phone Number a Content Marketing Platform in a Global B2B Organization

Most of us would have no Oman Phone Number idea how to accomplish such a feat. Luckily for us, Rachel and Stan shared their story at Content Marketing World, Implementing a CMS in a Global B2B Organization.

(Note: Although they used the term “CMS” in. Also, the title, they later clarified that the term “content marketing platform” better matches what they are talking about.)

Why they did it

Rockwell Automation – a century-old company. Also, with more than 22,000 employees, the largest in the world dedicated to automation technology – generates. Also, a lot of marketing content. This content (white papers, videos, case studies, brochures, ads, magazines, blog posts, etc.) was scattered across servers and hard drives around the world, and content processes were disconnected and uncoordinated.

Editorial calendars were also Oman Phone Number everywhere, as Stan describes:

The editorial calendar for our client. Also, magazine was on an intranet site. Our blog calendar was based on a shared drive in our UK office. Our case study program was run on a SharePoint site operated by our agency. Content calendars were maintained by various business units on different shared drives and desktops.

How they did it

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Form a steering committee
“Find friends,” they advise, and form a steering. Also, committee. Include stakeholders who bring a variety of content perspectives. Examples:

People from various regions
Also, Eeople who own budgets
People responsible for content strategy
Content creators
Translation coordinators
Choose people who can drill holes and show. Also, what they would need in the tool, any shortcomings they see so they can help you evaluate the tools during your product demonstrations.



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