How to Get Your Products and Services to Be Perceived as Exclusive Without Limiting Them

Limitation is the most common way to give your products and services an exclusive touch. The problem with reducing supply is that there is an income ceiling. In a very successful case you can’t sell more even if you could. Exclusivity makes your customers feel special.

Why Do You Want Your Customers to Feel Special?

There is a difference between France B2B List a real exclusivity and what the client perceives. The last is more important than the first point. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you invest money to get it without showing any effect. If you make your customers feel special thanks to being with you or not with another company, you can get some benefits in return.

You generate happiness : feeling special generates happiness and this is what life is all about. If I am your client and you give me this feeling, I don’t make my membership decisions on a high or low price. I want to enjoy the emotions and the experience that the product or service gives me.
You bring prestige : in our society one looks at the other. A product or service can bring a certain status to a person. If someone wants to have the same prestige as his neighbor, there is a high probability that over time he will consume the same products and services as long as he can afford it financially (sometimes even if he does not have the financial resources).
Increases virality : whenever something positive happens to us, we want to share it with third parties. We want the rest of the world to know that we are special because we have chosen a brand, company or product that gives us that feeling and benefits that cause happiness.

And Then How to Achieve Exclusivity in Products and Services Without Limiting Them?

Creativity is an important factor when it comes to increasing the exclusivity perceived by your customers. It is not so complicated to get your customers to perceive an exclusive touch in your products and services. Some criteria for achieving the goal are very obvious.

1. High product price : without a doubt the “easiest” thing is to ask for a high price. The complicated thing is not asking for a lot of money but rather that they pay you. It is rarely something that can be achieved without a high investment in marketing.

2. Discounts on Third-party Products :

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Look for collaborations with other companies that offer products and services that complement your offer without being competition. A privileged access for being your client creates the feeling of belonging to a club where members receive privileged treatment than the rest of the world.

3. Small loyalty gifts : the surprise effect helps you above all. No one expects to get something for free. The important thing is not that the client does not have to pay for something additional that you give him, but that he also perceives it with added value. A pen with your company logo does not fall into this category.

The feeling of exclusivity increases the probability that on average that client stays with you and the competition does not leave. You have to have the feeling of being part of a club where you get special treatment. The feeling that you generate has to provoke the desire to never want to get out of there. What are your tips to make your client be perceived as exclusive without limiting the offer?

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