How to Get Results From Email Marketing

I haven’t been using e-mail marketing for a long time as a channel to build customer loyalty and attract new customers. It is not really the internet marketing channel with the best prestige and image in the world.

At first I thought “bah, I don’t need that”. That attitude reminds me a bit of those people who think that to be successful with an online business the most important thing is the platform and the technical aspects without giving importance to marketing. Good luck my friend! I dedicate the phrase to someone in particular (he will know when he goes through this post if he ever will).

The other day I was with a relative who had in mind to set up an internet business. The worst thing was that he didn’t want to tell me because he still didn’t have all the (technical) details to get going. Imagine the bad time I was having biting my tongue and maintaining my posture so as not to blow him up with slaps to force him to change his mind (and share his idea, of course…).

Why E-mail Marketing Should Interest You

Well, I’ve drifted a bit from the topic of e-mail Hungary B2B List marketing but I needed a post to take this weight off my shoulders. She may be stubborn in some ways. I usually have this position when I am 100% convinced about the benefits. Email marketing should be part of the repertoire of every SME and start-up.

Most powerful tool of online marketing : e-mail marketing is part of the “old school” of online marketing. If you do it right, it can be a tool that gives you by far the best results from all channels over Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and other options.
You reach 100% of your subscribers : although there are many who ignore it or directly delete it, you reach the most intimate of the digital that is the user’s inbox. On social networks, your followers have to be online to read your message. In this case you arrive yes or yes.
You can generate ad hoc visits : with a list of subscribers you can generate visits to your website or blog at any time when you need it. E.g. you want to publicize an event, a promotion or simply share some content with the people who have signed up for the newsletter.

4 Keys for E-mail Marketing to Work for You

Hungary B2B Email List
Hungary B2B Email List

The fastest car in the world is never going to win a race if it doesn’t have the right driver. As with everything in life, the complicated thing is knowing how to get the most out of things.

1. Create your own database : there are many providers that can make a qualified database available to you. I’m not saying it doesn’t have value but it’s always about people who don’t know you at all. It’s best to reach people who have signed up for a newsletter because they care about what you’re doing.

2. Don’t just do commercial mailings : in order not to lose a subscriber after the first mailing, it adds a lot of value when you mail to your database. You have to give them a reason not to unsubscribe immediately. Not always everything will be of interest but on average you contribute a lot of value without expecting anything in return.

3. Personalize each email : nobody reads an email where they have the feeling that the same message has reached hundreds or thousands of people. You have to give the feeling of “this is for me” for someone to give you 2 minutes of attention. At the very least you can put the name after “Hello”. Be sure to ask for this information in your subscription form.

4. The importance of the concept : it has the same importance as the title in content in general. It is the most important part of a shipment because it determines your opening rate. If you don’t work on it a bit, you run the risk that your email will go unnoticed. A little trick that works very well to increase the ratio is to also include the name in the concept.

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