How to Get Links for Your Blog Without Having to Ask for Them

I receive emails every week that always start in a similar way: “Dear webmaster, we are interested in exchanging links with your blog because we have found it very interesting. On the other hand, with the policy that I normally apply, I do not usually respond to this type of email because they are not personalized and I know that they go to 100 more people.

Why You Shouldn’t Exchange Links With Other Bloggers

One of the first lessons you learn when you start Dominican republic B2B List blogging is that search engine rankings are important. “If you’re not in Google you don’t exist” or at least that’s what they make you think. I do not want to completely take away the importance of SEO but at first it is less relevant than you might imagine . The exchange of links that is done with the aim of improving the positioning of a blog is an efficient way to waste time as a blogger:

It requires a lot of time : for every 100 emails you send, 10 people respond to you, with whom you can even exchange 3 links of dubious quality. To have an effect you would need 10 times that amount so imagine the time you have to invest to start.
You need a management tool – The bloggers and webmasters you exchange your links with are typically unknown. In many cases they put a link and remove it 2 days later. If you do not have a management tool that controls the permanence of the links , you may be fooled.
It can harm you : if for whatever reason you are very successful and get many links in a short time, Google may notice that. It’s not normal for a new blog to suddenly be so popular. Another factor that can harm you is when you tend to link a lot from a footer or blogroll .

What to Do to Receive Links Without Having to Ask for Them?

That said: don’t waste any more time exchanging links. They can arrive practically alone by focusing solely on adding value without expecting anything in return. It’s not complicated which doesn’t mean it’s easy. Those who have the perseverance and are willing to make an effort will undoubtedly achieve it.

1. Create good content : whoever reads this blog frequently is not surprised that this point comes first. If quality costs you at first, make up for it with quantity because practice helps to improve your ability to write. Sooner or later you will create a post that matters and that will receive one or more links from other blogs. With each new post you generate a new opportunity.

2. Link to third-party blogs : Don’t be stingy with links to your competition because they can get you traffic in return. It is generated through pingbacks (in Google’s Blogger they are called linkback ) once they are approved by the blogger who receives the recommendation from you. Typically, all the links of those sites that have linked to a blog appear along with the comments of the same entry. This means that in many cases when you put a link you receive another through a pingback in return. Although visits are generate, they usually have less importance for web positioning.

3. Offer Something of Value for Free :

Dominican Republic Business Email List
Dominican Republic Business Email List

Franck Scipion organized free online courses last Christmas. This activity  very well received by his followers. In addition to that, dedicated an interview to him , linking to his blog at the same time. Think of something of value that you can offer to others for free and hopefully receive third-party links in return. Do not do it solely for that reason because in another case it can even harm you. People are not stupid.

4. Talk about your results : do it like Carles Benet who, after his first month as a blogger , published his results . In addition, I told it in an entertaining and personal way that even generated 6 comments. It may not seem like much to you, but consider that you started your blog 1 month ago. This blog has been 3 years and not all posts reach that figure. At the end of 2012 I did something similar sharing my results after publishing 1 daily post for 366 days . This entry generated 4 external links in the first 24 hours.

5. Do a study : I ​​admit that it  is not something that is  in less than 1 hour. You probably have to invest a little more time to collect information about your market or organize a survey to get data from scratch. Studies are usually a popular content type that are frequently references on blogs.

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