How to Get an Interview With a Top Blogger

It’s simpler than you think. The key is to ask. If you don’t say what you want, things won’t just happen. You can be sure that the top blogger you are interested in interviewing is not going to come to you.

Well, if you have understood that the key is to ask or sometimes even apologize to achieve your goals, you have already taken a very important step forward to take your blog to the next level.

What It Gives You to Interview a Top Blogger

Perhaps you are not entirely clear what it can bring you to inflate the ego even more to the stars of the blogosphere. Mexico WhatsApp Number List . Well, not everyone is like that, but sometimes recognition can cause a lot of collateral damage. Even before the “how” it is worth talking about the “why”.

Free and Engaging Content – ​​Users tend to like interviews of characters they know. Mexico WhatsApp Number List . The quality of the content provided also depends on the art of asking questions that generate interesting answers for the reader. It is also free because most of it is written by the top blogger .
Networking with bloggers : remember that “blogging is networking”. Google is a diva so if you are looking for sustainable growth with the help of third parties, get involved with other bloggers. It’s the fastest way to take a blog to the next level.
Greater diffusion : the great weakness of the blogger is a great opportunity for you. Since he has an ego in the clouds, he is interested in letting the rest of the world know that he is important because they have interviewed him.

5 Things to Consider When Getting an Interview With a (Top) Blogger

If you already had it planned or I have just convinced you of its usefulness, the million dollar question is like getting an interview from a top blogger . Mexico WhatsApp Number List . As with everything in life, there is no guarantee of success, but you increase the probability of achieving your goal if you take into account some basic aspects.

1. Practice with friendly bloggers : Lately there is a small trend of conducting interviews between friendly bloggers. It is a very simple way to practice and not burn your best cartridges. This way you become familiar with the concept and the dynamics of creating this type of content.

2. Ask more than one : not everyone will say yes. Depending on the sector, you can have a success rate between 30-70%, so you should ask more than one to get an interview. It’s okay if you need several attempts to achieve your goal.

3. Send the Questions by Mail

Mexico WhatsApp Number List
Mexico WhatsApp Number List

Look for a simple formula. In theory, it would be even easier for the blogger to conduct the interview by phone, but as a first approach, this system does not fit the majority. Mexico WhatsApp Number List . So send your questions directly by mail. It will be the most comfortable for you and them.

4. Be patient : even those who say yes, don’t do it with the first email. Sometimes you have to insist because at least you can expect a response as long as you have written a personalized email. Mexico WhatsApp Number List . Once the confirmation is obtained, you have 2-3 reminders until you have the answers in your inbox.

5. Do not go overboard with the questions : settle for a few questions to shorten the reception time. 3-6 questions are the maximum you shouldn’t go over to make the interview a quick task for the blogger. Anything that goes beyond that already requires planning to put it between 2 tasks so it runs the risk of not receiving much priority.

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