How to Get a Link on a Top Blog

Sometimes the easiest thing is to ask. Unfortunately, getting a link to a top blog is not enough. Imagine that a stranger knocks on your door and asks if he can stay for dinner. I imagine it’s unlikely you’ll just tell him to come in and sit down. The problem is that an essential element is missing.

Trust and Likeability Are the Basis for Getting a Link From a Top Blogger

We are human beings and the Internet does not Colombia B2B List change the fundamentals of life. The only thing that varies are the ways in which a person’s trust and sympathy are achieved. You can’t relate to someone without it. There are no guarantees of success, but there are some little “tricks” to increase the probability that you will succeed.

Comment on the blog of the top blogger : once is not enough. You need more visibility and this is never achieved with a single effort. Commenting on the blog is a way to relate. You go from being a stranger to a reader of the blogger.
Promote the blogger’s posts : no matter how small your blog is. What matters is not the visits you are sending but rather the gesture. If you have channels on social networks, do the same. You are creating an ever-increasing debt. Some never pay it, but others do return the favor.
Link it from forums : if you are an active user in the forum, you are probably already doing it. A blogger who wants to stay on top is interested in rewarding the most loyal followers. Reaching your niche in specialized forums through third parties brings a lot of value to a blogger.

Get More Immediate Links to Your Target Blog

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Obtaining trust and sympathy is very good, but it is a process that requires time. Sometimes we need more immediate results. Here you have some options.

1. Links in the comments : each comment allows by default to link the name with a link. If you want to reference a specific post you can also add it as is at the end of the comment. I am not recommending you to spam. A blogger will approve it only if you contribute some good ideas and useful content to the article. In this case “tolerate” that you are doing self-promotion. There are some that are stricter but by trying you don’t lose anything.

2. Link to trafficked posts : Don’t be stingy with links to your competition . Being generous has a reward. Whenever you refer to a blog from an entry of yours you have the opportunity to receive a link in return. Make sure that the one you mention is using the WordPress platform. Through trackbacks you will receive visits in return once it is approved by the blogger.

3. Ask and insist : I already know. I told you before, don’t do it. Sometimes the flute can play so… why not? In this case, make sure that what you have to offer is something of value, such as a quality e-book at no cost, you give something away, you fight for a social cause, etc. In those cases it is more difficult to say “no” because the blogger has the feeling of not only helping you but more people.

Not all examples give you a link that has value for SEO. Sometimes it is a kind of branding to have visibility in prominent blogs. You don’t always have to be obsessed with web positioning. There are things beyond that add value.

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