How to get a blogger to talk about your project on their blog

When you start with a new project your obsession is to get the maximum diffusion and promotion without possible cost. At the beginning I have spent sleepless nights because the coconut kept going around to see how I got bloggers to talk about Coguan. Now the same thing happens to me with Quondos but I play with the advantage that I already have a little clearer ideas.

I Do Not Respond to Emails That Are Not Personalized

How many marketing bloggers receive several email Bolivia B2B List contacts every day. Depending on how you address me or you don’t get a response. Now you might think that this blogging thing is going to my head because I don’t have the education to answer all the emails. If I explain it to you a little, you will understand it better:

Non-Custom Contact Forms – With very few exceptions I do not respond to them. I understand that this message is not really for me but for many people with the aim that someone falls down and publishes the press release. If it is not personalized, it does not require special attention.
Personalized mails with name : 50% of the mails are personalized with the name. Here the success rate is already higher since I have the feeling that this email is really for me. Although the initial proposal does not fit me, I respond by offering an alternative.

Personalized Proposals With Added Value :

Bolivia B2B Contact List
Bolivia B2B List

then there are the few cases where someone has made the effort to analyze my potential needs. With this information, he has identified meeting points where he can offer me something that adds value without expecting anything in return.
Make an added value proposal without expecting anything in return for a blogger to talk about your project
I’m a bit tired of receiving press releases from agencies and companies. Take a second to make the following reflection: do they really serve a purpose? Even if they publish it to you, it is content that hardly interests you. It is information that is generally of little use to the reader.

In my case I never usually talk simply about an Internet project. It is not a content that the reader is accustomed to finding here, so I do not want to surprise him with this type of information. What I do do is mention companies, tools or people with whom I collaborate or have some kind of relationship. Many of these relationships have started through selfless exchanges.

In general they have made me an offer that I have not been able to refuse. There were also those cases where I was the person who made the proposal to collaborate whenever I thought I could contribute something that could be of interest to the other party. There is no secret formula but think about the following.

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