How to Find a Name for Your Company and Not Despair Trying

A good friend of mine has been looking for a name for his business for weeks now. He’s already a bit desperate because he can’t find anything he likes or isn’t already taken.

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On the one hand, it is good to take your time so South Korea B2B List that you do not have to start from scratch once the brand is established . On the other hand, it should not be a task with which you should spend months and that takes time away from more important issues.

1. Take the time without getting distracted : you can’t be doing a thousand things at once. Take time to find a name. Block out 30 minutes in your schedule where all you do is jot down names non-stop.

2. Don’t be too critical : write down everything that comes to mind. Even names you don’t like at first glance can lead you to the version you think is great. Do not judge your own creations in a first step.

3. Do 1 hour of exercise : Finding a name for your company is a creative process. Sometimes we are blocked and even if we try, the ideas do not flow. Go for an hour run or do another type of exercise to empty your head. You will feel more inspired afterwards.

4. Ask friends : It is unlikely that your friends will immediately find the name you are looking for. Sometimes it can be enough to exchange ideas that generates that little spark of creativity that you needed.

5. Use Tools : Tools Like the Dot-o-mator Help

South Korea Business Email List
South Korea Business Email List

You generate word combinations in an automated way. On many occasions, very creative names arise in which you might not have fallen for immediately. With one more click it even tells you if the name is available as a domain.

Although the title of the post may have made you hope that there is a secret formula to find a name for your company, I have to give you the bad news that this is not the case. The important thing is not to despair and have the peace of mind that the moment of inspiration is about to arrive.

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