How to Establish Cross Promotions Between Bloggers

How to Establish Cross Promotions Between Bloggers . In 2012 my personal challenge was to launch a daily post to increase the content base of this blog and increase the reader base. I managed to grow from 1,500 to 5,000 subscribers in 366 days . Right now I’m approaching the 7,000 figure. What was born as a challenge has become a daily routine. I am not going to hide from you that there are always posts that cost more than others. 2013 began without a special goal. Unconsciously I realized that I was advancing in one of the most important fields of a blogger.

Collaborations Between Blogs Are the Blogger’s Most Powerful Weapon

I have realized something that Hong Kong B2B List I did not expect in such a way. Whenever I have the opportunity to go through one of the blogs of the participants of my “Course for bloggers” I realize that there is a lot of participation in the field of comments from former “students”. One might think that it is normal as long as they have participated in the same event, but the fact is that they are people who have been in different courses in different cities.

Mutual Help Troubleshooting – The Participant Link is a LinkedIn group I’ve created for everyone who has attended the blogger training in person or online. The idea is that members help each other to move faster in their projects. There are already almost 250 people who receive and provide solutions and express doubts about blogging.
They help you increase your reach: Collaborating with other bloggers helps you increase your reach and reach a different audience. Even if you are the biggest blog in your niche, you never cover 100%. Gaining visibility on third-party blogs allows you to connect with new readers.
You get quality links – Link exchange is dead. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done, but it has to be done more intelligently. Don’t ask a total stranger to put you a link. For starters, it won’t. Focus on quality collaborations that may not bring you thousands of links but few that have more value at the SEO level.

What Is a Cross Promotion and How to Achieve It?

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Before we get into the details, let’s start with a definition of what blog cross-promotion is and what its goals are: “A cross-promotion between bloggers seeks to give mutual visibility to the respective blogs with the aim of increasing the diffusion rate to reach a new audience and get new readers.”

It is not always an incentivized action where one blogger pays another for this type of service. In fact, I am convinced that if the base of the collaboration is only economic, it will not last very long. There must be an incentive beyond the mere exchange of euros or dollars for both to benefit in the medium and long term. Cross-promotion can be set up very simply:

1. Mutual mentions in the respective blogs : maybe you have noticed that with more and more frequency I mention other bloggers in my posts. Not every recommendation is based on an existing collaboration, but many are. I only highlight those bloggers that I know and where I know that if I send someone from here they will have a positive experience just as I hope they will have it here too.

2. Blogroll or friendly blogs : as you can see this point you do not see it reflected in this blog. I am not a friend of the use of Blogrolls more for aesthetic and design reasons than anything else. I know a lot of bloggers do this and it works well for them to swap visits from one blog to another.

3. Banner on the blog : another way to give visibility to your collaborator is to hang a banner on the web and he does the same. It is a more limited system than the Blogroll since a banner takes up more space. Depending on your objectives, it may make more sense to concentrate actions to increase impact.

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