How to Enjoy Life More

Ok, this question has little to do with marketing. For me the theme is perhaps different because it makes me enjoy it. If you read this blog because you are setting up a project on the Internet and you are an engineer with a more technical profile, your point of view on this discipline may not be the same.

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Maybe I’m writing this post because Nicaragua B2B List I’m coming back from a “Course for bloggers” in Zaragoza and I’m wondering why I’ve been working so much lately. I like what I do but I would like to have more time for other aspects of life. The million dollar question is how to enjoy life more. Some thoughts on my part.

1. Play sports : I haven’t made this point in a post for a long time. Sport is not only useful for successfully carrying out the bikini operation. Physical aesthetics is not as relevant as the personal and psychological satisfaction that keeping fit brings you.

2. Make decisions : especially make the difficult decisions as soon as possible. Leaving previous stages behind can be a painful process but at the end of the road you end up taking an important weight off your shoulders.

3. Discard and Focus :

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Nicaragua B2B Contact List

You have to accept that you cannot do everything in this life. We want to set up companies, have a family, run marathons and everything at the same time. There are no problems in realizing your dreams but better to go one after another.

4. Invest in quality of life : change the air if necessary. Move to a flat or house. Don’t miss the holidays. I have been the first 4 years without doing it. It is a serious mistake. Life is not enjoyed when you have money or time. It is enjoyed now.

After the summer I’m going to take things more calmly. Although you are now enjoying Quondos as a small child, you always run the risk of burning yourself.

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