How to Differentiate Yourself in a Highly Competitive Niche

It’s great to find a niche market without competition. We all have dreams and this is one of them that will never come true. In general, it can be said that if there is no competition, there is no market either.

Why We All Compete in Highly Competitive Markets

If you are a start-up and you are Christmas Island B2B List looking for financing, never tell an investor that there is no company that does what you do. It is simply not the truth and only shows that you do not know enough about your own market. Let’s see, I have no doubt that you are special but I am sure that there are competitors that cover the same need as you. It is a good sign that you are not the only one for someone who considers giving you money.

It is a higher risk of failure to create a market from scratch : the vast majority of companies have to compete in niches with a medium to high level of competition. We all like to be innovative but few have the resources and can take the risk of being able to open a market from scratch.
A profitable market niche attracts others: there are windows of opportunity in which for a short time we have the opportunity to exploit a market and generate income without worrying about third parties. If there is profitability, it is a question of very little time until others arrive to do the same as you.
A low market share is enough : Markets with a lot of competition typically also bring a high volume of demand. In this case, it is enough to receive only a small part of the cake so that the figures come out.

Differentiation in a Highly Competitive Market:

Christmas Island B2B List
Christmas Island B2B List

Those who have read the first Quondos blog post yesterday already know the “secret” behind the new project that I have launched together with Alex Navarro from . It is a business model that competes within a market that produces a new offer every day, whether at the individual or company level. There are more and more courses of greater or lesser quality. For the consumer it is difficult to make a complicated choice because at first glance they differ little.

Quondos is perceived as different from the rest

We have received over 100 comments which has honestly left us stumped. We didn’t expect that just announcing Quondos and what it consists of would produce so much positive feedback. Carlos Herrero describes him as a “revolutionary model in online marketing training” . I don’t know if it really goes that far, but without a doubt the idea presented generates the perception that it is really “worth it” as Jesús Salas expresses it in his blog.

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