How to Create a Blog Different From the Rest

When you start to consider creating a blog and having to set it up is quite a challenge. Later you realize that the technical part is only the beginning of a long road. Making a difference is not only important when setting up a company. Although you do not have it as your main objective, many personal blogs have been the beginning of a business with a profit for its owner.

Why Is It Important to Create a Different Blog

Being different does not Brunei Business Email List mean better by default. Many may still have to think a geek and get out of the normal but still with a slightly negative connotation. Don’t do the same as everyo  ne else. Being perceived as different is worth it because it has a prize.

You stand out from the competition : everyone is capable of creating a blog on any topic. Few manage to be perceived as different. It is those who make the effort that ultimately stand out from the competition.
You connect better with the reader : the factors that make the difference should not be only visual. They have to be reflected in aspects that help you connect better with the reader.
You can charge more for advertising : different does not necessarily mean better. If you do it right, it means that being present with an advertisement has a higher performance than being with the competition, so advertisers will be willing to pay more to be with you.

What You Can Do to Get a Different Blog

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Brunei Business Email List

Surely you have already had some ideas that could help your blog stand out from the rest. In general, you don’t have to think so much about big or complicated things that make a difference, but accumulate small details to stand out. Content is not the only option a blogger has. It is also good to let yourself be inspired by what third parties do and why not also copy what you like the most.

1. Pick a tagline – On this blog the tagline is “Guerrilla Marketing on Web 2.0”. It works as a URL subheading that gives the reader a more accurate idea of ​​what is on this blog.

2. Give away valuable resources – Internet users love free stuff. You could give away an e-book, give a free webinar or do any other type of action or gift that adds value to your readers.

3. Develop your own style : This point is easier to write than to apply. In the end it is less complicated than you imagine at first. You have to free yourself from wanting to give a certain image and just be you. It is the easiest way to be authentic.

4. Blog design : the visual appearance of the blog is not only relevant when it comes to attracting more and better advertisers. Since many neglect design already, having a professional look can make all the difference.

5. Reader Interactions – Your readers are the most important thing. Take good care of them if you want to have a successful blog. This means looking for and taking advantage of all the opportunities to generate interactions with them. Responding to comments is one of the most basic ways to do this.

6. Promote readers : in the Citizen 2.0 blog you gain followers on Twitter every time you comment. Berto Lopez has invented a new field where the reader can leave his Twitter account. Once the comment has been approved, the follow button appears with a click, which makes it easier to attract new followers whenever someone contributes valuable content.

7. Small details : there may be some who talk about bullshit. I love the Emezeta blog because it has a lot of little details that improve the user experience. One of them is the possibility of leaving a message that, once approved, appears in the header of the blog.

8. Integrate an online chat : with the help of the Zopim tool you can easily integrate the possibility of chatting live with your readers. The same day I implement it by setting a day and time to answer questions from everyone who passes through this blog.

The 8 points are a very incomplete list of possibilities that you have to create a blog that is different from the rest. Surely you have some additional ideas to get a blog that stands out.

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