How to Choose the Most Suitable Tools for My Online Business

Yesterday Alex and I had a meeting with the freelancer who is setting up the platform for us to host the video tutorials on Quondos . At first we wanted to do everything ourselves but I am happy that in the end we chose to invest money to free ourselves from this task and be able to focus more on creating content. What at first was as simple as saying “well, we set it up with WordPress” has proven to be much more complex than we initially thought.

Choosing platforms or technologies is an essential step when you build a project from scratch. Making mistakes with the decisions you make can be expensive. All the changes that you have to make afterwards are going to cost you a lot of money because you need an immediate solution so as not to lose customers once the business is already operational.

What Kind of Tools and Technology Does an Online Business Need?

If you think that you are Barbados B2B List a micro-SME or freelance and that you don’t need tools, you are still missing an opportunity. Obviously not all options are valid for everyone. It is necessary to be clear about where I want to go in order to identify those technologies that simplify my management and/or help me attract new clients.

Platforms to create and manage web pages: in the world of blogs there are the 2 big ones that are WordPress and Blogger . In the world of electronic commerce, Magento and Presta shop dominate. On each platform there are free and paid options with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Software as a Service (SaaS) : Contracting a CRM like Salesforce or Sugar CRM can fall into this category. It can also be accounting systems or even more complex software like SAP that includes several modules in one structure. Some can be contracted with a monthly or annual payment without the need to install the software.
Online marketing tools : in the world of social networks, some of the best known are Hootsuite, Buffer or Social bro. For marketing campaigns there are tools such as Google Ad words, Facebook Ads and many others. They focus on acquisition, loyalty or promotion of communities within your target audience.

Hit the Nail on the Head When Choosing the Most Suitable Tools for a Project

Barbados B2B List
Barbados B2B List

When you lack experience, the multitude of options can easily frustrate you. Although it is not, I perceive learning new tools as a waste of time because it takes time until you can produce a convincing result. To reduce the risk of having chosen the wrong option, you have to be clear about a couple of things.

1. Be clear about the objectives: well, what everyone tells you. The famous targets. If you want to set up a sales team to sell directly to the customer, you need a CRM. To set up an online sales channel, it is necessary to have the appropriate management, measurement and transaction tools.

2. Look at what the competition is using – Looking at what your competitors are using can be a first step in analyzing whether those tools or technology also meet your needs. A simple copy does not make sense because your situation and objectives may be different but at least you already have a first starting point.

3. Identify the market leaders – Those who lead the market do not necessarily have to have the best product or the best solution for you. For some reason the most hired companies are where they are because of what they will add something of value. There are always exceptions such as monopolies or oligopolies, but these extreme cases are not usually the rule.

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