How to Calculate the Economic Value of the Work of an Seo?

When we talk about SEO we refer to the abbreviation for the English term Search Engine Optimization . The objective is the positioning of a website among the 10 main positions. It does not matter if you want to hire an agency or you are going to invest time to train in SEO issues. In both cases you are using resources that you could invest for other tasks. The million dollar question is to be able to find out the economic benefit that the work of web positioning could bring you.

1 The factors to take into account to calculate the value of work in SEO
2 Basic calculation for the keyword “buy flowers”
3 Potential Earnings per month based on position to “buy flowers”

The Factors to Take Into Account to Calculate the Value of Work in Seo

Calculating the benefit of being Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B List positioned in the top 10 of Google is not really very complicated. What is interesting is to see how much potential income it generates being in the first, second, third, etc. position in the search engine. To do this, some of the following factors must be known or estimated.

Conversion rate of a web page : this data reflects the percentage of people who arrive at a website and end up buying. It can vary quite a bit and is positiones between 0.2-25% depending on the product, the online store, the age, etc. and other criteria that may have an impact on conversion.
Search volume by keyword : if you have a running store and sell running shoes, you are interestes in appearing in the search engine. For the keywords with the highest search volume, it is usually more complicated because they are the ones with the most potential visits. In most cases, the total is not of interest, but rather those that are carries out in the region where I offer my services.
Number of clicks based on positioning : being in the first position in Google is not the same as being in the tenth. The visibility and image is not the same. It gives the user greater confidence to be in the first result than in the next positions. It is reflected in a longer residence time compared to the rest of the results. Net margin of your product : The more important the net margin of your product, the more important is the potential benefit that each visit brings you through SEO to your site.

Basic Calculation for the Keyword “buy Flowers”

Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B Contact List
Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B Contact List

Imagine that your business is to sell flowers online. One of the relevant keywords for your business is obviously “buy flowers”. The online store only makes shipments in Spain. They have several products and the average cart is 30 euros. Let’s analyze the value of being among the first positions for that combination of words. Luckily we have the data.

Online store conversion rate : 1%
Search volume in Spain : 8,100 searches / month
Net margin on average sale : 15 euros
There are several studies that have analyzed the number of clicks based on web positioning. The results always vary and we have up to a 15% difference . For the first position depending on the source we choose. In this study, the following data has been obtaines for the percentage of clicks based on search engine positioning.

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