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From the “What Type of Beardsman South Korea Phone Number List Are You?” quiz. Screenshot showing a quiz page on beardbrand To their blog covering topics like style, grooming, and travel. Screenshot showing a page on urban beardsman Much of the Beardbrand website is South Korea Phone Number List dedicated to resources aimed to help. Beardsmen”. understand more about their beards and learn how to be the best version of themselves—aligning with Beardbrand’s vision “To Foster Confidence Through Grooming”. THE TAKEAWAY: FOCUS ON THE MISSION OF YOUR BUSINESS AND “WHY” YOU EXIST Beardbrand is an eCommerce business.

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But it doesn’t purely exist to sell grooming products to customers. Beardbrand’s reason for existence goes much deeper than that. First and foremost. The company wants to help men feel more confident in themselves and it just so happens. That grooming products is one of the ways South Korea Phone Number they do that. Whether you’re just starting out your eCommerce store or running a well-established eCommerce business, think carefully about “why” your business exists. Understanding this “why” and having a real mission behind your business will help you to connect with your customers and build true relationships.

South Korea Phone Number List

Just look at Nike, one of the most successful commerce companies in history; their mission is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” And if you’ve ever seen one of their adverts or interacted with the brand in any way you can see how that mission guides everything they do. Want to learn more about Beardbrand’s journey? Check our Chief Sumo’s interview with Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz below: 2. HOW BEER CARTEL USED CONTENT MARKETING TO INCREASE REVENUE BY $65,000 Screenshot showing new arrivals on an online

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