How to Attract New Customers Profitably

Nothing worries an entrepreneur more than attracting new customers. It is not too surprising seeing that without income one does not get very far. Customers are a potential source of losing money because they sometimes take advantage of companies’ need to sell.

Generating contacts that then generate income is an art. To say that there is a secret formula for this would be lying because each company, each sector and each commercial is different. The knowledge you gain from books, blogs or training can never replace your own experience. Do not trust what I am about to tell you and put it to the test.

Attract New Clients in the Short Term

Thinking in the short term is never usually Macau B2B List the best strategy to get clients. Despite this, the cash flow leaves us with no other option than to sell immediately. Short-term tactics always have to be accompanied by long-term strategies.

Direct Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate networks like Zanox or Tradedoubler typically create barriers to entry for small advertisers by asking for a fixed monthly cost regardless of the sales that occur. Without a brand, it is difficult for your affiliates to accept you. Direct affiliation through bloggers can be an alternative to work in a variable model without assuming such a high risk.
Submissions to databases : in a first step you have to offer something free of charge so that people who are registered in an external database obtain the confidence and an incentive to subscribe to yours. In a second step you can send them a commercial payment offer.
Aggressive price offers : in the short term, a cost reduction tactic is always possible. For the vast majority of companies it makes it difficult to achieve profitability. It can never be a long-term strategy since the public you attract is not loyal. Typically they change brands and stores depending on who can provide them with the best price.

Generation of New Contacts and Long-term Clients

Macau Business Email List
Macau Business Email List

None of us can afford to be losing money for years. We are not Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest that sometimes give the feeling that they are not so concerned about what they are earning, but that they always focus a lot on what they are concerned about “the user experience”. At the end of the day you have to earn money to pay salaries and mortgages.

Presence in social networks : social networks are not a direct sales channel. What they give you mainly is the trust of users. In the medium and long term, this materializes in sales through recommendations because for weeks and months you have worked on disseminating content to establish yourself as a reference within your niche. It makes sense even for professions not so related to this medium such as lawyers or doctors.
Creating a blog : 140 characters are sometimes not enough to share content that adds value to third parties. A blog is a source of free visits because over time Google opens the tap and allows more traffic to pass through to our website. In the end it is a quick calculation. The more qualified contacts arrive, the more sales we will get. The content of a blog is not commercial. It is about establishing trust by sharing what we know without expecting anything in return.
Paid Formations – Paid formations are a good filter for highly qualified leads. Whoever is not willing to invest 50-200 euros for a course that allows them to advance quickly has little potential to become a customer paying 1,000 or more euros to contract one of your products or services.
Miracles do not exist and at the end of the day each of us has to find the best channels to sell online on their own. This entry does not pretend to be complete but rather gives a subjective and very focused vision on those options that have given me good results in the past.

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