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permission to access your microphone, you will find a notification or prompt.  To enable your microphone permissions through your phone settings. Go to phone settings by clicking on the prompt. You can also access Android settings directly in the menu of your Android phone Click Apps & notifications from Android settings To find the YouTube app on your phone, you can click on the YouTube settings Click Permissions Toggle microphone permissions to set it up Go back to the YouTube app. This time you should be able to speak your voice and search. Related: The best YouTube tools to increase views How to use YouTube’s voice search feature when streaming on TV You can use YouTube’s voice cast feature if you want to broadcast on your digital TV by following

these steps: Connect your iPad or iPhone to smart TV Download the YouTube app on your phone Launch the YouTube app At the top of the Home tab, tap Cast Now, launch the YouTube app on your TV Select link with TV code if you have not connected your iOS device  Afghanistan whatsApp number list with the smart TV Tap YouTube on TV to stay connected You can see an overlay on the device screen with a volume slider once the iOS device has been connected to the smart TV. You will also identify the voice search button and the remote button. touch the red microphone Say the word or phrase you want when you hear the audible prompt. YouTube will respond to

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your words. You’ll see the words you say into the microphone appear on the bright TV screen. You can also easily navigate the YouTube app using the remote option to select the content you want to allow to be displayed on your TV. YouTube is currently working on the remote interface to make it easier for all users to deliver content. That means the new version of the app will feature playback quality, faster access to subtitles, and improved speech recognition. No word will be left out once YouTube is fully up to date. How to enable YouTube voice search on your PC It may come as a surprise that just like typing in your browser, you can also use voice search on YouTube and get the results you’re looking for.

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YouTube has a voice search feature that you can easily activate on your PC and desktop. This can save your time if you like to watch YouTube videos every day. You don’t have to limit the YouTube voice search feature to just your smartphone. You can follow these steps to activate YouTube voice search feature for your PC. Open your Chrome browser and visit the official Click on the microphone icon Click Allow to grant YouTube access to your device’s microphone Speak through the microphone and start searching for what you want Activating the voice search function for YouTube is simple.

Google’s Youtube Is No Exception.

However, sometimes you may not be able to activate this feature. So what should you do if the YouTube voice feature is not working properly on your PC? Related: Google voice search not working? How to fix YouTube voice search on PC First, if you can’t access voice search on YouTube, you probably have restricted access to your device’s microphone. That means YouTube can’t use your device’s microphone, so when you speak, it can’t recognize your voice. Always make sure you give YouTube access to your microphone before you start speaking into the microphone. If you are having trouble allowing access to YouTube’s microphone, you can do so manually by entering the following command in your browser.

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