How the Internet and My Blog Helped Me Close a Company and Launch a New One

It is because of Isra García that I will be in Alicante on July 11 at #Internetcambiatodo (event free of charge in person and via streaming) talking about my experience as a “failed” entrepreneur and how this new environment together with my activity as a blogger has helped me to to be able to continue despite all the difficulties.

I arrived in Spain at the age of 28. He was a very shy boy then. I still am, but the last 5 years have helped me to trust that everything is possible if you really put your mind to it and work on it. One of the best decisions was to start a blog and publish a post on a regular basis, even publishing a daily post since 2012.

What Makes a Nobody Can Become a Somebody Thanks to the Internet

According to Guy Kawasaki “Nobodies are UK B2B List the new somebodies” . It has never been so easy to achieve something, to “create maps”, as Isra would say. Everything is within your reach, you have to know how to take advantage of it.

They are the new technologies : you have the most powerful tools at your fingertips just a click away. Not everything is free on the internet, but there is a cost-quality relationship like we have never experienced before. For 10 euros a month you can use technology that helps you compete with the big ones when you are small.
The possibilities of self-study : all the information you need is already available on the internet. It depends solely on you and your desire to learn. Anyone can know as much or more than the most advanced through self -study . Knowledge is not enough. Sooner or later you have to put it into practice to turn it into an experience.
It is a question of Karma : there are people who talk about Karma 2.0 . What you contribute to the network you will receive over time. It means doing things without expecting anything in return. If you share content on a blog you add points. The unexpected prize can come back to you in many ways.

What the Internet and My Blog Have Given Me When I Needed It Most

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Not everything can always go well. With Coguan I have learned a very important lesson of humility. It has been a slow and painful process where until the end I did not want to give up because I did not see it as my own. I am still in the process of closing the company, performing the tasks in the best possible way. My blog and the new environment are helping me to overcome this stage.

1. Shows of support in my farewell post : I have received almost 200 comments on Coguan’s farewell post . In 99% of the cases they have been shows of support which have pleasantly surprised me. Obviously I expected that the entry would not go unnoticed but in life I thought I would receive so much support.

2. My blog has been an excuse not to stop : my daily routine includes making the daily post. It forces me to focus for 1 hour a day on generating new content. It is a very complicated task when you are in the head with 1,000 tasks, especially when the stress level rises. Writing the post forces me to create distance between the things that concern me in order to obtain a more objective view of the present. It is a form of meditation and therapy for me.

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