How Not to Die Trying When Setting Up an Online Project

Look who’s talking. He has just closed a company and wants to give advice on how not to fail in the attempt. Well yes, I am brave and also in this blog trolls are missing so we will see if with this post I can improve in this aspect

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When I talk about not dying trying, I am referring above all to taking the first steps to set up a project from scratch . Many entrepreneurs do not really fail because they have not been able to seriously launch themselves, losing the desire, the value or the money to bring their company to light.

Why Is It So Complicated to Go Beyond the First Illusion in an Online Project

Knowing that it is not the end, sometimes you have the feeling of having already achieved it when you manage to start a project without knowing if it can work in the long term. There are many reasons why many get stuck along the way.

Lack of support in the environment : in the vast majority of cases there is a lack of support in the family and among friends. Everyone tells you that you are crazy and that you should look for life with something safer.
Little experience : in general, the entrepreneur does not have years of work experience in the sector in which he wants to launch. He has to start from scratch by learning the specific rules of his market.
Lack of knowledge – Having an idea for a project is usually not enough to launch it. Either you know marketing and sales or you know programming. In few cases you master all the fields you need at the beginning.
Virtually zero resources : sooner or later you have to invest some money. Many do not have the 1,000 euros that are required to program the first prototype or another type of investment that requires financial resources.
Risk adversity : I have many friends who in their dreams are entrepreneurs setting up their own projects. Now that many of us have families, there is an increasing adversity to risk.

Survival Plan for the First Days and Weeks

If you have been about to launch yourself several times but in the end Estonia WhatsApp Number List you have backed down, you may have done the right thing. In the event that you have lacked the final motivation and the reason has not been the lack of potential of the project, it is still good for you next time to follow these basic points.

1. Make an Excel : I don’t want to help you launch yourself into a project that has no potential from the beginning. Make some basic calculations trying not to be too optimistic to study the potential profitability of a project. Many business ideas are already discardes at this stage. If you pass this little test it a small shot of energy and motivation to keep going.

2. Find a co-founder – You need moral support in this phase. Everything is easier (or more complicated) if you are several people who push the project forward. Events for entrepreneurs and especially those of iWeekend are ideal to find people who are just as bad as you (in the positive sense of course). I have never been to any of them. Because of how it works, in which you have to develop the idea to set up a project from scratch in groups with the help of mentors, I see it as ideal for meeting potential co-founders.

3. Create a Blog : Go Heavy

Estonia WhatsApp Number List
Estonia WhatsApp Number List

Setting up a blog is worth it for everything. Yes, but it makes sense. There are 2 important factors that help you move forward with a project. The first is to produce a result and the second is to get feedback. Creating a blog where you talk about the project and work on your content marketing is one of the atypical tips that I like to give whenever someone asks me (and even without it). Publishing your first post is producing a result and receiving a comment is feedback. When we launched the first post on the Quondam blog and received 180 (positive) comments, it was already impossible to go back.

If Excel does not return the expected results, it is good to die trying. Launching when from the beginning the potential can be questiones is not being brave but rather an idiot.

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