How Much Can I Charge an Advertiser for an Ad on My Blog?

There are several emails that I have received lately about the question in the post. It seems that some of you are doing very well with your blogs so that advertisers are contacting you directly. That’s good news.

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If you haven’t been contacted yet, don’t worry. It’s usually normal. Little by little you can get there and by continuing to write constantly, I assure you that you are on the right track.

Basic Information About Negotiating Prices With Direct Advertisers

To say nothing of ,The direct advertiser is a great unknown to the normal blogger. Egypt WhatsApp Number List 
It does not usually see beyond Google Adsense. You have to take into account some basic data to carry out a successful negotiation.

There is no formula : each case is a world. There is no universal price but it depends on what an advertiser values ​​in a blog and consequently how much he is willing to pay to be present with an ad on your blog.
Having Google Adsense harms : in this case I do not mean that you run the risk of being penalized by Google. If you have Adsense on your blog, an advertiser can enter your blog at a low price without having to negotiate with you.
It is better to ask too much : there is always room for negotiation. Don’t be afraid to ask too much. If you stay below for being too modest, you will never know what is the maximum price that the advertiser is willing to pay.
How much to ask an advertiser to promote themselves on my blog?
Now the million dollar question is: “and how much do I ask an advertiser?” As I said before, there is no exact formula to know what an adequate price is. There are 2 possible paths. In one case you are looking for a long-term relationship and in another to maximize a single income.

1. Multiply what you earn by 5 : if you don’t have ads on your blog you don’t have this relationship. If you generate income in this way, you have to replace one of the banners with that of the direct advertiser. The worst thing would be to earn less. To make it worthwhile for you to replace Google Adsense or whatever you have, multiply what you are earning now by a factor x. I say 5 as I could say 3 or 10, the important thing is that it is worth making this effort to compensate for the additional work.

You Have With a Direct Advertiser

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2. The profitable price for the advertiser : if you are looking for a long-term relationship, first ask the advertiser what his goal is. You may be looking for registrations or sales through the campaign. In this case you have to ask for some data to calculate and adjust your price so that it is profitable. If there is a high affinity between the blog and the advertiser’s product, it can exceed 1 euro CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions). With Google Adsense you may be earning more, so it is not worth doing it in this case.

3. The maximum price for the support

If it is an online branding advertising campaign, you have more margin. Here the advertiser does not measure the immediate ROI that he obtains with the banner on your site. If the objective is to achieve more notoriety because it can be associated with your good image. There is room for negotiation. In this case it is advisable to aim for a high price. With 100-500 visits/day you can ask for 200 euros/month. What you can order is not multiplied by the number of visits in a linear way. There is a ceiling that in a “normal” blog is between 500-1,000 euros/month.

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