How Much Attention Do I Have to Pay to the Statistics of My Blog?

The most popular tool for analyzing blog statistics is Google Analytics . Although there are some alternatives, unfortunately none is up to the market leader. When you start your blog you can easily feel overwhelmed by the amount of new information that you have to process at the same time. Now someone comes and tells you that you should also analyze the statistics. As if it were that easy!

Don’t Mess Around With Stats at First but Measure Progress

Do not be sad. Everything is learned. I don’t know Bahrain B2B List how to change a tire either, but I’m (almost) sure that if I have to put up with it one day I’ll surely get it. The statistics of a blog provide very useful information for the continuous improvement of your personal blog.

At first apart from your mother, your partner and 2 or 3 friends nobody will read you. It’s okay because we all start like this. Consequently you still have little data that can be analyzed. Do not go crazy spending every hour in your Google Analytics account because you will not find any new information that will bring you great news. Despite them, you must do a monthly follow-up. The advances at the beginning are small but if you don’t document them you don’t perceive them. They are essential to stay motivated and not give up like the vast majority of beginner bloggers.

Measure the Invisible Progress of Your Blog as a Motivational Trick

Bahrain B2B List
Bahrain B2B List

Do not be obsessed with visits but analyze the user experience , When we talk about analyzing the statistics of a blog, it is not just about counting the visits. In fact it is one of the worst things you can do. Focusing solely on the counter can go hand in hand with an obsession with SEO. I’m not saying that web positioning is not relevant but there are other more important things.

Above all, Google is interested in a positive user experience. If this is not the case, it will stop sending you traffic because it interprets that your content is not relevant or of low quality. What the search engine does is analyze some basic data such as the length of stay, the bounce rate or the page views per user. All of these are indicators that must be analyze and followed up to ensure that the experience of the people who come to your blog is positive on average.

Stop Obsessing Over Visitors and Focus on Capturing Readers for Your Blog

The web analytics of a blog is a fascinating world. It is one of the fields in which I most want to learn soon. If you want to be aware of my progress when you share it here , make sure you are subscribe to this blog . Some of the things I’ve learned about content and conversion marketing we’re already applying at . Next week we will do a mailing to subscribers to talk about what this new project that I am launching together with Alex Navarro from is about .

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