How Much Attention Do I Have to Pay to the Reader of My Blog?

I recently talked about putting yourself in the shoes of the reader to publish the best posts . The article had more feedback than normal. Although at the level of comments it has not been the one that stood out the most, I have even received emails from readers giving me their point of view on the matter. A phrase that caught our attention was that “your blog is not yours but your readers” so you have to write for them. Not everyone was 100% in agreement with this statement.

I write on this blog to feel good. Sometimes blogging can be a kind of therapy for the author. The main objective is to add value to the reader. Obviously that is achieved on some days better than on others.

Feedback From Commenting Readers

Very recently I received an email from Saint Lucia B2B List a reader thanking me for the posts on my blog because they had helped him solve some doubts in the past. At the same time he mentioned that lately I was talking too much about my own projects. It is true that I have saturated this space perhaps too much with the experiences of these last few days. It is normal for me to have doubts at this time. Am I going overboard with self-promotion?

At the same time I have received feedback in the past from other readers who valued my stories lived in the first person. That it was just my own experience shared in my posts that they valued a lot about my blog. So who do I listen to now?

The bad thing about blogging is that only a very small percentage of people comment and give feedback. All those who do are part of a “special” group that may or may not represent the average of your audience. This does not mean that you should ignore the feedback. You have to find a balance between listening to feedback and what your intuition tells you what you should do. I’m not saying it’s easy, but there is no good answer to this question.

Does the Reader Not Know What He Wants to Read Until You Tell Him?

Saint Lucia B2B Contact List
Saint Lucia B2B Contact List

A reader knows what he doesn’t like when he reads it. So far it’s simple. This does not mean that in advance he is able to give you a complete list with all the topics that are of interest and relevant to him. It is worth creating content that no one is looking for because it is a way to stand out and be different from the rest.

In my case, the content requests are so specific that in the end you would only be writing for 2-3 people. On other occasions I have received the same question 5 times in 10 days. In that case, it was obviously worth dedicating a post to the subject ( “Integrate or not a blog in the domain of your online store?” ).

I usually write about what goes through my head on a daily basis. Readers have an important influence because in the end it is a mixture of all kinds of information, comments and own experiences that generate the final idea for the daily post. If you only go by the feedback of your readers, you run the risk of writing what everyone wants to hear. It is good to take risks and go against the current. You need your own style without giving the feeling that you do not pay attention to anyone, giving an arrogant image.

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