How Many Words Does a Blog Article Have?

There is little doubt that if you don’t want to or can’t write more than 140 characters at once, it’s best to use Twitter. When you open your own blog you should consider creating content beyond the space that a tweet allows you. It is not about accumulating nonsense words because you feel compelled to reach a minimum number. The question that many bloggers ask themselves, even if they already have a little experience, if they should create longer posts or better several short ones.

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1 What short posts give you if you are a beginner
2 The advantages of creating long posts
3 Different types of posts depending on the number of words

What Short Posts Give You if You Are a Beginner

The discussion about whether it is better to write Afghanistan WhatsApp Number short or long posts is one of those debates between bloggers that will probably always provide arguments for and against both options. Nobody is really right because it depends on the objectives that each one pursues with his blog. Short posts can work in favor of beginner bloggers

Quick result : writing your first articles costs a lot when you start. You get a faster result that motivates you because you have the feeling of moving faster.
More digestible : Users have a very low attention level. Blogs are no longer read, but scanned. The probability that someone reads a short post from the beginning to the end is higher than with a long one.
Allow frequent updating : if you decide to create short posts on your blog, there will always be aspects that you cannot deal with in detail. This at the same time gives you the opportunity to dedicate a new article to what you have not previously explained.
The advantages of creating long posts
How in many cases in web writing, recent changes in the Google search engine algorithm have made long posts gain new fans among bloggers. The main arguments in favor are given significant weight by current events.

Promotes blog positioning : Google prefers long entries. Assume that a long post is always more elaborate and of higher quality. If two practically identical blog posts compete for a keyword, the longest usually wins.
Greater probability of diffusion : Google is not the only one to think that more number of words implies higher quality. Although most have only “scanned” the post, there is usually a greater probability of dissemination on social networks.
Positive feedback from readers : the motivation of the blogger is one of the key factors of success of a blog. Positive feedback from readers is a powerful source of energy to give you the strength to keep going.

Different Types of Posts Depending on the Number of Words

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The data and types that I am going to present to you should not be taken as an exact science. To begin with, it obviously isn’t because it’s mostly based on my observation and experience. The only thing I do is to propose an orientation to have a better idea about the type of posts that you want to publish on your blog and the possible impact that it can have.

1. Mini-posts (200-400 words) : the shortest posts are less than 400 words. They can be opinion articles or also texts that accompany a video or a photo. In that case, these contents form the main part of the article and serve only as an accompanying commentary.

2. Short Posts (400-800 words) – A short post of this size can easily take over an hour to write even if you already have some experience. An article like “10 tips for…” can have this word extension. In this blog, short posts probably make up 80% of the number of posts published.

3. Long Posts (800-2,000 words) : Long posts usually deal with various aspects of a topic. E.g. you can talk about a product and its features and then also give advice on its best use. Depending on your blogging strategy, it could also be divide into 2 short posts and thus take advantage of a more frequent update without overwhelming the reader.

4. Pillar posts (+2,000 pillars) : pillar posts or content are those entries that make sense to create when you already have a little more experience. Its elaboration is easier when you already have about 50-100 posts created. As the name says, they are part of the pillars of a blog where the fundamental aspects of your topic are dealt with in a broad and detaile way.

The important thing when you write a post is not to make it fit into one of the types presented. You have to feel comfortable when you have finished it without having the feeling of having fallen short or too involved. It is probably the best advice that can be given to find the ideal number for your blog posts.

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