How Many Posts Do You Have to Write Per Month When Starting a Blog?

Once you have chosen the name of your blog there is no going back. After choosing a design and making the basic settings, the most important thing comes: writing the first post. If you’re not a natural writer like most beginner bloggers, it will probably take several hours or even days from typing the first few words to the final editing and publication of the article.

The bad thing about a blog is that it requires continuous updating. With what the first post cost you, you probably won’t be able to publish much more than one post a month. Even so, you are interested in knowing how many posts should be written with a new blog to get more visits as soon as possible.

The Ideal Is to Start With 3-5 Written Posts

Imagine that you are lucky enough to receive a Albania WhatsApp Number retweet from a tweeter with many followers and with your first post you already receive an avalanche of visits. It honestly doesn’t happen often but it’s always possible. You may also have friends who from their blogs or Twitter accounts give you a cable on the day of the launch.

You have published the first post because you have to start for something. Although only a few people arrive, they only have one post to read. Maybe they even like what you’ve written and would spend more time reading if there was more content on offer. In this case you have lost a small opportunity to convert the first visitors into readers because apart from the first entry you have nothing to offer.

Don’t worry if you find yourself unable to launch your blog with several posts already written. The most important thing is to start. This is an ideal case. All who have not done it or cannot fulfill it, do not worry. I also started this blog with a single post knowing that it was not the best option.

An update of 2-3 posts per week is good for ranking on Google
Everything requires its time. At first it seems like an almost impossible challenge to meet. The good news is that posting frequently to a blog is a matter of training. The more public, the easier it will be over time. Don’t be afraid that your ideas will run out. It is true that some days you will feel blocked and uninspired but you will also overcome that. Although it may not seem like it, the lack of ideas is something that happens to me frequently.

If you are interested in positioning yourself well in search engines, it is important that you update your blog frequently. The minimum is 2-3 posts per week. If you can post one a day or even two it will be even better. Don’t be scared, you can go step by step and you will learn to adapt the update rhythm to the circumstances of your life. Also remember that the results do not arrive immediately and take months to have visible effects.

How to Compensate for a Less Frequent Publication

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Even with all the desire in the world for many it is impossible to publish beyond the monthly post. A prioritization of other tasks or hobbies can be a reason. Work or family are the time constraints for most beginning bloggers.

Nothing happens if this is the case. It is not good to feel under pressure and have a sense of stress when you start blogging. The idea behind having a personal or professional blog is also to enjoy the activity. For many people it is easier to write a long post of more than 2,000 words than several short ones (300-800 words). Entries with a longer length compensate for the fact that it is published less frequently.

I am not an expert in SEO but it is a conclusion that I have obtained by observing other bloggers and exchanging opinions with them. If in your case writing posts with so many words does not solve the problem either, you have as an alternative option the promotion of existing content through your social networks. This does not have an impact on SEO but it generates new visits to the blog on a recurring basis.

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