How I Plan What I Write About Each Week on the Blog

Despite not being a very organized person, I manage to write a daily post since January 1, 2012 . What I call planning my posts probably others would call improvisation at best.

The question about how I do the planning of the posts is a frequent question that many people ask me. I take advantage of this post to explain my blogging routine.

There Are 2 Ways to Plan Posts

Before starting what I do, you have to know the 2 big trends. Guatemala WhatsApp Number List  No 2 bloggers are the same. Especially when it comes to planning there are important differences. To call it somehow there is the “German” style and the “Latin” style.

“German” style : These bloggers work with an editorial calendar . I have never made a post on the subject because it would not work for me personally to know in advance what I was going to write about. It is more common in a purely business environment where more people have to collaborate.
“Latin” style : the contrast to the editorial calendar is the impromptu planning. You write about what comes to mind at the moment or the day before when you were under the shower. The most comfortable thing for these bloggers is not to plan because it has a negative impact on creativity.
There are also many who always plan their posts for tomorrow. The problem with this guy is that they never get to write anything. Therefore they cannot be considered as bloggers either .

My Way of Planning the Posts for This Blog

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Every blogger has their own style. Probably many follow a “German” style that is influenced by both the Germanic and the German type. In this case I am more on the Latin side than the German side.

1. I plan topics, not posts : this is not always the case, but most of the time I have a rough idea about the topics and categories I want to cover. If, for example, one week I have written a lot about blogs, I try to vary and write posts about start-ups , electronic commerce, etc. for the next 7 days.

2. I get inspiration from day to day : in many of my posts my day to day is reflected. Especially those who are close to me notice. Many are already afraid to speak to me because they are afraid of ending up as a character in one of my entries. Many of my favorite articles have come from here.

3. I plan when I write but not what : when I have finished a post I already think when I will have a gap the next day. Therefore, I plan 24 hours in advance when I write, but on very few occasions I already know what the topic will be. In the worst case, I use a Word file titled “ideas” that I use less and less.

For me the key is not planning but commitment. I am clear that I am going to publish yes or yes every day so there will be no excuses not to do it. In the end, people are very different. What works for me doesn’t have to work for you.

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