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three different books, two for content marketers and one for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. These are all good things that have happened to me and through the connections these products have been offered to many different readers. I still need to work on my traffic. Swinging between many different things is a weak point. But I need to focus on my blog and increase its readership. 5. What would be the next phase of WordPress? What improvement or improvement do you expect from With the new block editor from WP version 5, Gutenberg is just the start of tougher days for drag-and-drop content editors. WordPress aims to

be a complete site builder

This takes it from the number 1 content management system to a complete site builder. This will allow users to not only edit the content but also manage the complete Compliance Directors Email Lists site template 6. What do you think of the future of blogging? What recommendations do you offer for new upcoming bloggers? The future is news and blogging is only going to get stronger – blogs power over 60% of news online today in my opinion. We can therefore only expect an upward trend in this dominance. Newbie bloggers should pay more attention to content skills – text or video. Content skills should be more semantic than just words.

Second, they should strive to connect

Compliance Directors Email Lists

with other bloggers. “Relationships” are a strong SEO factor. This is how I see it. When you connect with many other content marketers, they connect with you. 7. What are your recommended sources of income for making money from blogging, especially for new bloggers? How to monetize a blog in its infancy. First, I would ask new bloggers to focus on content strategy. Build a community, and once you have readers, there are plenty of ways to earn money. I’ve written about 15

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