How Do You Get to Be a Super Blogger?

There are those who say that superheroes already exist in this world of online marketing . We are still a long way from having people among us who have all the relevant qualities to outshine everyone else. If we enter the world of bloggers, we already find some that stand out with some characteristics from the rest. Joining the forces of each one of them we could obtain the superblogger.

1. The Gift for People and Social Networks :

Without a doubt Alfonso Alcántara better Afghanistan B2B List known as Yoriento in social networks has it. Already in the final stretch towards 100,000 followers, he manages his account with ease and humor, connecting with the audience when others who barely have 20,000 are already beginning to get stressed. It’s hard to learn what he does because he puts a lot of his personality into what he does. He has a gift for connecting and that makes him stand out from the rest in this regard.

2. SEO Superpowers – Don’t mention Alex Navarro because he’s my partner in my new project . If you take a second look at his blogYou will realize that their content on SEO is the best you will find in the Spanish-speaking world. Alex publishes every 2 months on average, so he doesn’t even reach 100 articles written. Despite them, he has almost as much traffic as this blog, which is updated daily. The “normal” blogger does not write to position. In your case, each entry enters the top 10 of Google with impressive precision for one or more keywords that have a high search volume. He also achieves the perfect balance of writing for people and creating content that Google likes, so on average he gets about 100 comments per post.

3. Infinite Strength and Energy :

Afghanistan B2B List
Afghanistan B2B List

If you have been lucky enough to attend a talk by Isra García , you will have noticed that she has an impressive energy. This does not only transmit it on stage. Despite all her activities and her trips across the pond to attend events outside of Spain, she manages to publish a daily post. She is not satisfied with it. She is also preparing for an Ironman . To have a blog that is read you need the spirit of this Mapmaker trusting that everything is possible if you put your batteries.

4. Have your differentiating niche : each superhero usually has a special power. In the case of the superblogger it is the focus of their blog and their niche. Jesús González from Iniciablog has found his. Not only is it one of the best blogs about blogging in Spain, but it also focuses on the Blogger platform. He has realized that the vast majority of bloggers talk about WordPress when there are also many users who use the Google platform and they also seek advice and have questions. Not everything has to deal with online marketing. Gonzalo Álvarez has found his niche in the world of presentations and talks . It is the reference blog in the Spanish-speaking world on the subject. Don’t miss his articles that he publishes 2 times a week.

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