How Do I Prioritize My Blog’s Traffic Sources?

I have started to study web analytics in more depth. Many things that I will surely learn will also be shared here on the blog. Although I have not yet gone into the subject in depth, it has already helped me to structure the strategy that I am already applying in my blog. Benin WhatsApp Number List. blog traffic sourcesFotolia photo rights In general, the blogger is focused and obsessed with a single source of traffic: search engines. The problem with this strategy is that it is a very fragile structure that creates high dependency. In the last 8 years as a blogger I have made many mistakes and the focus on Google has been one of them. Contents [ hide ] 1 1. Visits from subscribers .

Referrals From Third Party Sites

2. References from third party sites 3 3. Direct traffic 4 4. Social networks 5 5. Finders 1. Subscriber Visits Without a doubt the king of traffic sources. Benin WhatsApp Number List The people who sign up to receive your new content are the most loyal users. You should not be obsessed with visits but with getting more readers. All other channels do not belong to you. This is really the only one that you can “control” and activate whenever you want. It also does not mean that you should abuse the trust placed in you because they can be unsubscribed immediately. Treat your subscribers with great care. 2. Referrals from third party sites In the blogging world there is no competition . Collaborate instead of compete with others. Quality content and personal stories are what help you get links from third party sites.

Subscriber Visits

Benin WhatsApp Number List
Benin WhatsApp Number List

Leaving a mark on third-party blogs through comments that add value and posts as an external author are one more way to get visits from other blogs and websites. 3. Direct traffic It is one of the least reliable sources because everything that web analytics tools cannot correctly identify ends up being “direct traffic”. That is why I do not put it in a higher position. Benin WhatsApp Number List . A high publication frequency and the creation of expectations (I, for example, publish every day at 00.01 ) help a user who has not subscribed (yet) to stop by from time to time to check if you have published something new. 4. Social networks Social networks as a source of traffic have an important priority but we do not control them. On the other hand, the others do not have a high degree of recurrence in the event that you stop publishing.

Social Networks

Old articles are shared less than posts that have been published for less than 24 hours. In my case I usually focus exclusively on Twitter. Google+ is having more and more importance for SEO issues but I continue to resist the dark force. 5. Finders For having focused on the first 4 sources I just had a new Google visit record (2,092). It’s a bit like with girls. Benin WhatsApp Number List. When you don’t pay much attention to them, they start to notice you. To get visits from search engines it is important that your content is popular on social networks. Links from third-party sites are another important indicator for Google to start trusting you and gradually turn on the faucet . Everything you do in the previous 4 fields has a positive impact on your number of visits on Google.

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