How a Participatory Post Works and What It Brings to Your Blog

After a long time I launched a participatory post again yesterday . I haven’t done it in a long time. Since it is a format that I like, it was time to return to this type of post. I’m surprised that very few bloggers use this technique to create stronger connections with their readers.

What Is a Participatory Post and How Does It Work?

The participatory post, as the Iraq B2B List name indicates, seeks a higher level of interaction with the reader. Specifically, it seeks to obtain contributions that can go beyond the knowledge of the blogger. Creating this type of input is not very complicated.

The question to answer : for your readers to participate you have to ask something. What do you want to know about them? To increase the probability of receiving a response, put a question at the beginning in the title and at the end of the post.
Two opposing points of view : the idea is not to give an answer but to provide information that generates debate. One may or may not agree with what you write. Without a base, it is difficult to give an opinion for a user who comes to your blog, since it is easier to comment on existing information provided by the blogger.
Collaborate to get diffusion : if your blog still has very few visits, it is difficult to launch a participatory post. In this case you have to collaborate with other bloggers to help you get a minimum level of diffusion to generate visits to the entry.
Publish the results : when you publish the summary of the participatory post, do not forget to mention outstanding contributions. In this way you show that you appreciate what the readers have contributed, you give visibility to what they have participated. This can be an additional motivation to participate in this type of action again.

A Participatory Post Helps You Create a Community Around Your Blog

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The most important thing in a blog is not you but your readers. It’s about connecting with them so that they don’t just come and go but continually come back to see how you’re doing. A participatory post can help you achieve this effect and even provides some additional benefits.

1. Generation of new ideas for posts : not every day you are inspired. A participatory post can help you in moments with little creativity to continue publishing on your blog. It additionally provides the benefit of the second part with the summary of the results.

2. You get more comments : there is a very simple formula in the world of blogs and I would even say in life. If you don’t express yourself and don’t say what you want, it won’t happen. To receive contributions you have to ask for comments and you will have them.

3. Provides “hidden” knowledge from readers : there is knowledge beyond your head that you hardly have access to. Collective intelligence is very powerful and you can unlock some of this knowledge by encouraging those readers who don’t normally share it to do so on your blog.

4. You create recurring visits : those who have contributed their point of view or knowledge to the participatory post have a high interest in also seeing your summary and the conclusions that you have obtained thanks to the readers. Also many of those who have not commented will want to know the second part of the article.

5. You win new subscribers : to make it easier for all readers to receive the summary of the participatory post, you can put the subscription option at the end of the post. Many will not want to miss it, so there is a high probability that they will give you their email and become new followers of your blog.

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