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Experience is everything, so turn off your phone France Phone Number and turn on your absence assistant. Sit back in your easy chair, grab a bowl of nuts (from a good brand. (Not those cheap ones that are way too salty and have too France Phone Number large and small nuts mixed up in the mix.) And a nice glass of beer and enjoy! Friends of Search is one of the few search conferences in the Netherlands where search specialists come together. The number of presentations is enormous and I like to share the SEO presentations. Topics and insights that positively stood out to me. Think of the international France Phone Number SEO migration of bol, important elements that increase your EAT and the changing role of in-house SEO.

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The third time I visited one of my favorite France Phone Number search conferences: Friends of Search. This year had something extra. After a long time of online webinars, this was one of the first physical conferences I attend. Friends of  France Phone Number Search: fear of missing out Once a year, many SEO and SEA specialists meet in Amsterdam. In recent years they have also made the crossing to Belgium. Whether or not you’ve been on Friends of Search, you continue to suffer from FOMO: fear of missing out. There are so many good topics being discussed at the same time that you France Phone Number are sometimes faced with a difficult choice.

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Help ease my FOMO a bit. I decided to France Phone Number collect all the presentations from Friends of Search in one place. Jerel Arkes recorded an interview with most of the speakers for his podcast afterwards. And now, my highlights: Case bol multilingual within e-commerce SEO One of the reasons why I like to come to France Phone Number  Friends of Search is because inspiring cases are often discussed by colleagues. One of these was the talk of Annelies Schreuder-Hoogveld from bol . Recently, she was faced with the challenge of successfully launching the multilingual website in the France Phone Number French-speaking region of Belgium. Coupled with this international SEO migration, she also immediately tried to solve a number of dupli.


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