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style. Some of the popular guest bloggers prefer to have a conversational feed of content with short and simple sentences. Hence, easy to read and people will remember you forever and love to read wherever you write. #6 Strengthen your backlink profile Not to mention the benefit of guest blogging, building backlinks. Most bloggers allow you to contribute your content to their blogs with a link back to your site. Also, there are few who don’t recognize your hard work by leaving at least one dofollow link to you. Either way, you will get a backlink either in the body of the content or in your author bio. Use it as appropriate anchor

text can highlight your brand or optimize

for keywords. After, you are not allowed to dy-to-eat meals, delivery services, etc.) for Thanksgiving shopping customers can send Thanksgiving-themed PR Directors Email Lists messages to capitalize on the holiday. can do. Alternatively, some brands may be focusing on offering bargain offers this holiday season. The “XX% off” discount sale promotion was the most effective last year, achieving twice the conversion rate of BAU (business as usual) messages. However, if you are proposing to a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), or if you are a CMO, we would prefer not to take a sales-driven approach this holiday

season. (At least, after Thanksgiving dinner

PR Directors Email Lists

that is, before Black Friday shopping). Conversely, marketers who promote and enhance goodwill for brands will be rewarded. Marketers should view this holiday season as an opportunity to highlight their philanthropy and personify their brand. Thanksgiving is a holiday of thanksgiving and need not be consumerist. So while using Thanksgiving to make the world a better place, you should connect with shoppers on a more emotional level. For example, since 2015, US outdoor brand REI has offered customers “#OptOutside” instead of participating in the shopping rush. It emphasizes the

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