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Podimo gives you access to a bundle of Kenya Phone Number exclusive podcasts for a fixed amount per month. How that will be received remains to be seen. Unlimited consumption or just tasters? As a consumer, I can imagine that some collecting platforms will serve as a kind of tasting room where you try a few ‘flavors’ for a while. Before Kenya Phone Number you take out a separate subscription to your favorite. But is it just a matter of time before publishers and makers. As with Blendle, withdraw from (or different) platforms such as Storytel, Readly or Podimo and ‘cycle independently’ with their own Kenya Phone Number subscription offer? Or will there be ways to provide sufficient benefits and revenues as a collection platform to keep it attractive for all parties in the long term?

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I’m curious what you think about it! Customer Kenya Phone Number cases are the perfect showcase for your company. The caviar under the content. How do you approach writing a customer case? I’ll give you a few tips that will help you prepare well, get the input you need and develop the story in a stimulating way. Preparation Kenya Phone Number for a customer case 1. Approach every customer To write customer cases, you need customers who want to share their story. Ask every customer at a fixed moment, for example three months after signing the quotation, whether they would like to Kenya Phone Number cooperate. If for some reason this is not an option, you can engage colleagues from sales or account management.

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Motivate them to mention the topic Kenya Phone Number and introduce you during the next customer meeting or visit. 2. Grab your chance and go for text, photos and video In my experience, you only get the chance to visit a customer once for a customer case, so make the most of that moment and create multiple Kenya Phone Number forms of content. If the meeting takes place live, I prefer to visit with a colleague who can take photos and/or video. And a tip: if possible, also offer to take some company photos for the customer to use. This is often greatly appreciated and makes it just Kenya Phone Number that little bit easier for the customer to cooperate.

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