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Urgency or scarcity. Use information like product availability or time sensitivity in your subject line to encourage opens and sales. Here are a few formulas you can use. Is Bahamas Phone Number List selling fast: Complete your purchase now Almost sold out! Don’t miss out: Only Bahamas Phone Number List [Number] [Product]. Left in stock Last Chance Limited time only You left [Product] in your Bahamas Phone Number List cart: only [Number]. Left in stock Your cart expired Your cart is expiring 4. THE ‘PERSONALIZED’ SUBJECT LINES Experian reports that personalized

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subject lines had 12 percent higher Bahamas Phone Number List unique open rates than mailings without personalization.[*] If the shopper is logged into your site Bahamas Phone Number List before they abandon their cart, you might be able to use some neat, personalized touches to Bahamas Phone Number increase your open rates. ‘PERSONALIZED’ SUBJECT LINE FORMULAS With personalization, it’s best to keep it Bahamas Phone Number List simple and try to avoid overdoing it. It can sometimes feel a bit much for a business to appear a little too “in-the-know” about its customers.

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Try to use the shopper’s name and Bahamas Phone Number List details about the product(s) in their cart. A few formulas you could use: [Name], complete your purchase of [Product] Did you forget this, [Name]. Still thinking it over, [Name]? Hey [Name], complete your purchase in Bahamas Phone Number List two clicks Forgot Something: [Name], did you leave this behind? Free shipping offer for Bahamas Phone Number List your cart is expiring soon [Name], complete your purchase in two clicks 5. THE ‘PRODUCT-RELATED’ SUBJECT LINES Using copy related to your product in your abandoned cart email subject lines can help

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