7 Key Factors That Have Helped Me Create a Community

Creating a community around a blog is probably one of the most complex tasks in the world of blogs. There are manuals to do SEO and increase visits, but this task is rather mechanical and cold.

What you need is something “sticky” that also reaches the hearts of people so that they dedicate the most valuable thing they have to you: their time.

The post “Integrate or not a blog in the domain of your online store?” It is a good example of the functioning of a community in a blog. They are the same readers helping each other to get answers to questions not covered by the blogger. To achieve this effect I have no manual at hand. The only thing I can share is my experience and the steps I took to get to this point.

1 1. Get feedback from readers
2 2. Dissemination and interactions in a channel on social networks
3 3. Comment on third-party blogs
4 4. Publish articles on other websites
5 5. Respond to emails from readers
6 6. Put a form to capture subscribers
7 7. Write series of articles
1. Get feedback from readers
The first comment that is not from Ireland Business Fax List your mother, partner or a friend first surprises you and then gives you enormous joy. A person you don’t know at all has decided to comment on your blog. It is one of the best awards you can receive as a blogger. Comments reflect life and it is just what you need to create community. Would you go to a club where you are the only one dancing and having drinks? Well that…

Why Not Even Your Mother Comments on Your Blog and What You Can Do Against It

2. Dissemination and interactions in a channel on social networks
I’m not talking about “channels” because I’ve only used Twitter and there were times when I even had plenty of it . You don’t need more than one because the important thing is to focus and not be too scattered. Sure, all channels give you “something” but that will never become “much” if you don’t have a focus. Your time is worth gold so use it in the best possible way.

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3. Comment on third-party blogs
“If Muhammad does not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Muhammad.” It’s not complex, you just have to apply it. If your community is not already on your blog, you have to go to where your community is. Comment on third-party blogs to gain visibility. It is not about spamming but rather about participating in conversations that generate interest towards you. For this, your objective has to be to add value through the comments that you leave.

What Makes You Leave a Mark in the Comments Field of Third-party Blogs

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4. Publish articles on other websites
One step beyond leaving a comment is to publish an entire post on a blog or website other than your own. What you gain is presence and visibility within your target audience. Do it in those online places that already have the community that you are still looking for. Posting on third-party blogs doesn’t always have to be complicated. Bloguismo.com or other projects would not work otherwise.

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5. Respond to emails from readers
It is a task that is consuming more and more time. Luckily marketingguerrilla.es has been gaining visibility in online marketing issues in recent months. This means that many users use the contact form to ask me specific questions. When I could spend more time on it, I gave long answers because I wanted to cover every aspect (even the ones that weren’t asked) in my answer. I have been able to verify that many other bloggers who today have a community did the same in their blogs.

How to Ask Through an Email So That They Understand You and Respond to You

6. Put a form to capture subscribers
Email subscribers are those people who give you the most valuable thing in the online world: their email. As a blogger you are more interested than those who decide to subscribe via RSS feed ( “What is an RSS feed?” ). For the user, without a doubt, the last option is more comfortable, but here we focus on what interests you. In order to get subscribers to start you have to put a form in a visible part of the blog. You also have to tell new visitors that there is an option to subscribe. If you want a user to do something, you have to tell them. It is so simple and so complicated at the same time.

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