Sellsumers or How to Generate Additional Sources of Income Without Having to Set Up a Business

It was thanks to a post by Florencio Martínez from that I discovered a post about Sellsumers . It caught my attention because already with the name it applies a marketing technique that fascinates for its simplicity and the good results it gives. Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List . Sellsumers Fotolia photo rights You take very popular existing terms and combine them in different ways, achieving incremental innovation just by giving something that already exists a name and form (in this case “Sell” + “Consumer” ). Some established examples for this are “guerrilla marketing”, “lean start-up” , “IN Foxification” , etc. The last thing is what can happen to you when you start reading this blog daily What is a Sellsumers?

What Is a Sellsumers?

Sellsumers have not been “discovered” by Florencio but by a company called Trend watching in a 2009 report . It is nothing new and it is very likely that many who read it have not heard it before, as was the case with me recently. Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List . This created term is an intelligent way to describe an important trend in times of crisis. Looking for life as it is and getting money from where there is none. All of us are part of the consumer group. Very few of us have a farm with which they manage to be self-sufficient in terms of food, water and electricity, travel, etc. All these basic activities generate an expense. More and more consumers are becoming Sellsumers offering services and products without having to set up a company to generate income.

How to Make Money as a Sellsumers

Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List
Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List

How to make money as a Sellsumers . This blog has a high percentage of articles that talk about entrepreneurship and start-ups . A Sellsumers is a different animal. However, you can become one if things go very well for you. All of us have physical or intellectual assets that we can use to get third parties to pay us for them. Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List. The million dollar question is how to generate income without having to set up a business. 1. Give support classes : I did it from 16 to 19 years old. You can generate extra income as a student or for as long as you want. Private classes can be offered for both students and adults, especially if it is about learning a language.

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