Do You Know How to Surprise Your Customers or Have You Stopped Trying?

The (positive) surprise is one of the most powerful weapons of the entrepreneur. The more established a business is, the less I feel like trying. This is something that really surprises me.

Why So Few Companies Surprise Us

For everything in life there are reasons. Oman WhatsApp Number List  They can be better or worse but they usually are. I have not carried out any study in this field but it is enough to apply common sense to have a more or less correct answer to the matter.

It’s a risk : surprising in a positive way means that you know what your customers really want. If you have no idea or do not trust what the latest surveys tell you then you have to jump into the void. Oman WhatsApp Number List . There is always the risk that they will not like your surprise and that instead of surprising you in a positive way, you cause disappointment.
It has a cost : this cost does not necessarily have to be economic. Oman WhatsApp Number List .  It always takes some preparation time to pull off a surprise and execute it. Just sending 200 letters to your clients containing a small gift can add up to about 8 hours in total.
“It is not necessary” : if things go well they can go better. In general, we settle if things go well because we don’t see the need to try harder. We are not aware that if we stop running we allow our competition to catch up with us easily and tomorrow we will be left without customers and we do not understand why.

Why You Should Surprise Your Customers

Oman WhatsApp Number List
Oman WhatsApp Number List

Despite the risk that a surprise turned into disappointment can have, it is worth making the effort. A possible failure is a bad excuse to not try and do a little more than what your clients expect from you.

1. It sets you apart from the rest : obviously surprising sets you apart from the rest. It has a lot to do with exceeding expectations. It does not serve you if the base of the product or service is bad. In this case it can even be counterproductive because it could generate the image you want to distract your customers from your shortcomings.

2. A surprise is viral : because it generates happiness. Oman WhatsApp Number List . Whenever we feel good we want to share it with the rest of the world. A surprise stands out in our daily routine so we want to share it with the rest of the world. You increase the viral factor if your surprise can be captured in a photo and shared on social networks.

3. It helps you build loyalty : if you differentiate yourself because you try harder than the rest and also generate moments of happiness, it is difficult for someone to steal your client. Oman WhatsApp Number List . The economic factor ceases to be so relevant because there is a stronger link beyond the price. The vast majority of companies are obsessed with attracting new customers when loyalty is just as important.

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