Guide to the construction of an index system for refined operations

At different stages, we will have different. Also, analysis goals, and the analysis goals also guide our entire analysis framework and process. Before conducting formal data analysis work, we need to set up a series of data indicators, which is the data operation indicator system to be discussed in this section.

Just as there are no two identical leaves in the. Also, world, no two index systems are exactly the same. Different product types, different product development

stages, and different thinking methods UAE Phone Number of teams conducting data analysis will all lead to differences in the established. Also, indicator systems. However, the basic ideas and methods for formulating the indicator system are traceable. The following methodological framework can quickly clarify the analysis target and formulate a data operation indicator. Also, system suitable for its own products and services.

How to clarify the analysis goal?

  • The purpose of the e-commerce platform is to allow users to complete more transactions on the platform. The KPI and data analysis goal of the UAE Phone Number platform. Also, leader is to increase the order volume.
  • ToB enterprise service websites hope to obtain. Also, more registration leads, and the KPI and data analysis goal of website operation is to increase. Also, the number of registrations.
  • Banking APP hopes to allow more users to purchase wealth management products. The KPI of APP operation is to increase the total purchase amount. Also, of wealth management products. How to formulate the index system?The conventional index system includes the first key index, the first-level index, the second-level index and so on.

How to formulate the index system?

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  • The conventional index system includes the first key index, the first-level index, the second-level index and so on.

    The first key metric, also known as the North Star metric, is the metric most relevant to our data analysis goals.

    When we start data analysis of a product (website, APP, applet, smart hardware, etc.), many data indicators will be involved, but only the most important core indicators can be called the first key indicators. The characteristic of the first key indicator is that it is directly related to the goal, and our work revolves around the data changes that drive the first key indicator, and these data changes will also help us achieve the goal. For example, the number of new registered users of a website every day is closely related to the goal of acquiring new users. We can use the number of registered users as its first key indicator.

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