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It gives the audience peace of mind, because they Poland Phone Number only have to focus on you and can therefore consume your story even better. You can learn how to mask It’s so nice that you can copy-paste a table or graph 1-1 into PowerPoint from Word. However, tables and graphs that are too large make the data unreadable for Poland Phone Number the public, in the front or back of the room. Let alone that they understand at a glance what you want to say. You hereby oblige the public to first read everything Poland Phone Number completely, analyze it and form an opinion about it. Away attention. If you use a table or graph, first ask yourself what exactly you want the audience to do with it.

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How does this fit into your story? And why is it Poland Phone Number important to show? You often see that only one part is of interest to the public. Shade the data of interest with a red frame and mask the rest of the data by lightening or Poland Phone Number blurring it. Movement Back in high school I loved the animations between slides! As a professional, in my view, it is really not done. Unless you have a Poland Phone Number very good reason for it. I often use short video fragments in my slides. No, don’t paste a YouTube link on the slide and then open it during the presentation, wait for it to load and then scroll to the right moment.

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Download the video and paste it on Poland Phone Number your slide. It still happens too often to me that there is no available WiFi at the location where I have to speak. Playing directly from the slides prevents a lot of stress about Poland Phone Number things that don’t work and losing attention from the audience at the moment. The most watched TED Talks remain the stories without a slide deck, straight from the heart. As a professional, however, you often no longer have the time to use a slide deck to Poland Phone Number visualize certain things. Always keep a sharp eye on your use of slides and the slide deck itself, because as Google’s main research describes it so beautifully: If you work for a large organization, you are probably familiar with the term ’employee handbook’.


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