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Additional advantage is that you are Latvia Phone Number not so forceto sit opposite each other at the table. That makes me very nervous myself. Also read: Social media guidelines for your team: share what is allowed 6. Technique in order Make sure your phone is charg. Check whether the app you use to record the Latvia Phone Number conversation is working properly. Whether the batteries of the video camera are charged, etc. If you have to fiddle with the technique just before you want to start the Latvia Phone Number conversation. During the conversation, it ruins the atmosphere. That is why it is always useful if a colleague is with you. If something does go wrong, one person can focus on the technology and the other can keep the customer talking and distracting.

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Don’t get defensive During an interview with a Latvia Phone Number customer, it is extra important not to get defensive when something negative is said about the organization. NO ‘How do you think the collaboration is going?’ “Fine, although Latvia Phone Number I do think that your customer service sometimes responds a bit slowly.” “Yes, they are very busy with X and X. Normally they are much faster.” YES ‘How do Latvia Phone Number you think the collaboration is going?’ “Fine, although I do think that your customer service sometimes responds a bit slowly.” ‘How annoying, I’ll make a note of that. What kind of questions do you run into? How is the contact with other departments?

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Of course you have a heart for the Latvia Phone Number business and you want to respond to what the customer says. I get it. If you go on the defensive, the customer will feel less free to talk. You don’t want that, because you want an Latvia Phone Number open conversation. While writing the customer case, you still have plenty of time to think about which parts of the conversation you will and will not use. Now your job is to listen.  Ask on I often walked on eggshells during a customer interview when I Latvia Phone Number thought a customer didn’t want to talk about something. Or if a subject seemed to be sensitive. Those were assumptions I make.

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