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It was a revelation for me. After Slovenia Phone Number that meeting, I researched the marketing industry in general. All of the distinct disciplines that marketers spent time on had “marketing” in the phrase – direct marketing, search marketing, email marketing, event marketing, guerrilla marketing, cause marketing. Oh, everything seemed so simple now.

“If you talk to marketers and want to convince them of an approach they should use or consider, you better call it some kind of marketing,” my internal dialogue said.

This simple truth (which still exists today) changed my future, so much so that I lumped it all together, eventually left Penton and started what became the Content Marketing Institute. Activating the proverbial light switch made everything so much easier. It became easier to get appointments, easier to sell the concept internally, and easier to get real business.

Know your audience

That’s fine if you don’t like the term “content marketing.” I know many amazing and talented people who absolutely hate the term. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

But I ask you, who are you Slovenia Phone Number targeting and how are you using the term with that audience?

See, if you work for an agency and want to use branded content or branded publishing in-house, go for it. If you’re a content strategist and can’t bring yourself to use content marketing, that’s probably fine…unless you’re talking to marketers. Marketing decision makers won’t take you seriously unless you’re talking about some kind of marketing.

Of course, you’re talking about building a relationship with an audience. About creating an editorial calendar. About creating amazing content over time, with a distinct opinion.

These are all good things to do, but never, ever forget what you’re really doing

Slovenia Phone Number
Slovenia Phone Number

If you are a media company, an agency, a large corporation, you are and always will be…marketers.

you are and always will be…marketers.

If you hate the term “content marketing” and want to replace it with something else, I’d be happy to consider it. But it’s better to use the term “marketing” if you’re talking to marketers or wasting everyone’s time.

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Cover image by Joseph Kalinowski / Content Marketing Institute

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