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Chrome Extension The Great Suspender This is an indispensable extension for people who have many pages open for a long time. This allows you to set the Indonesia Phone Number time frame after which a tab should stop loading. The tab just stays in place, with favicon and title, but no new elements are loaded in the background. This saves you a lot of memory, allowing you to browse much faster without having to close your tabs. Screenshot of The Great Suspender chrome extension.3. Redirect checker An online tool to check where a short URL or affiliate link goes. For example a or link. Why is this useful?

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The website itself already shares three very Indonesia Phone Number for clear reasons: Because you’re curious and want to know where a shortened URL is going (and you might not trust the source). Because you’re security-oriented and you want to avoid a phishing or malware attack. Because you’re a website builder and/or marketer and want to check your links. A handy site for your bookmarks.  Photopea : free ‘Photoshop’ in your browser Indonesia Phone Number Photopea is a hugely comprehensive online photo editing tool. Do you ever work with Photoshop? Then you will notice that the screenshot below looks like Photoshop.

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The layout is the same and the editing options are also (almost) similar. The great thing about this online tool is that you can also open PSD files in it. The tool also reads the different layers. This makes it possible for a ‘non-designer’ (or for other people who Indonesia Phone Number do not have Photoshop) to modify a PSD file. Or, for example, to save it as a JPEG or PDF. Also read: Facebook Shops: how to get started [infographic] It is of course not the same as Photoshop. Let’s put that first. But for an online and free tool, Photopea is really one to save. Screenshot of Photopea, one of the photo editing tools.5. Tap the back of your iPhone Do you have an iPhone? Then my colleague Joy has a nice lifehack for you. “If you tap your finger on the back of your iPhone, you take a screenshot.” This is very useful if, for example, you want to screenshot something zoomed in.

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