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Conference agendas One of the best places to identify hot topics is through scouting. Conferences and breakout sessions in your industry. Conference sessions are mostly led by subject matter experts who are often influential people who bring new or trending topics to light.  That will resonate with your audience. As you prepare your content calendar for the coming year. Use publication’s editorial calendars to get inspired or find trends you know will peak during cultural or seasonal times.  Trendsetter Finally, Trendhunter is one of the largest providers of trend data.

Trendhunter is a media brand that offers free trending data (in the form of articles) and also has other offerings including custom research, books, speaking services, events, and more. Commercial Continue reading below As you can see, there is no shortage of trend spotting tools! The best systems Canada whatsApp number list for marketers provide the ability to add articles, newsletters, alerts, and inspirational moments for future campaign creation.Insights from our recent State of SEO Survey report show that while last year began with uncertainty across the industry, SEO is now more in demand than ever. 

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Still, it is not without its challenges. What problems are SEO professionals facing, and in the future, what are the threats that could block success? We surveyed over 2,800 SEO professionals about their SEO experiences over the past 12 months. Continue reading to find out: What were the biggest challenges in the last 12 months. Whether SEO results have improved or worsened over the past year. What SEO professionals perceive as the biggest threats to the industry in the years to come. What were the biggest challenges in SEO in the last 12 months? At the start of the pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty for everyone as businesses tried to navigate an unprecedented situation plagued by real-world shutdowns, a near-instantaneous shift to digital, and massive shifts in consumer behavior.

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As the pandemic unfolded, many companies had to pivot quickly to survive. Some struggled while others thrived as digital and e-commerce growth accelerated for several years. Commercial Continue reading below At the start of the pandemic, budget cuts were the biggest challenge for SEO professionals, as reported by 37.6% of respondents. Strategy issues (34.8%) were also a major challenge in the SEO industry, as was lack of resources (32.9%). SEO industry challeng Up to 3 options can be selected. Open to all respondents. Answered: 2,325; 1.76% selected “Other”.) Across the industry, it seems that many budgets were cut as an initial reaction, but many customers quickly rejoined. 

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Of those, many clients actually increased spending and invested more in SEO. Content Mender’s Ron Lieback, for example, experienced cutbacks in client budgets, saying, “Many cut their budgets due to losing their clients, which meant a cutback in new content and technical SEO monitoring.” Commercial Continue reading below However, customers took advantage of the situation. Lieback explains, “As the competition’s rankings began to drop, many clients focused much more on their SEO efforts, some doubling down on new content, while others reduced budgets.” Combined with the complications of the pandemic, SEO professionals also had to deal with a number of major and important updates from Google in 2021.

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