Give People a Reason to Buy

success. From the “best seller” and “live chat” to “product reviews”, “product scarcity”, and “Cart Casino”, these hacks will help your business gain the traction you need to sell more products and increase revenue. It’s an evolutionary behavior: we are more inclined to look at what others do, like eating berries that could be poisonous. Reviews: averages (stars), distributions (lines), and written reviews.

The secret is out

What works in ecommerce” that was based on a meta-analysis of 6700 online experiments concluded. That it wasn’t call-to-action elements, buttons, or colors that moved the needle most regarding revenue per visitor. It was scarcity, social proof, and urgency. Psychological factors are France Phone Number ones. On ecommerce product pages, they come in many forms: reviews, FAQs, feeds from social networks, etc. Humans are hardwired to trust and sometimes imitate others.

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And then make our decision based on that. They come in stars or written reviews. Google Screenshot showing google search results. Amazon Screenshot showing an amazon product page Good reviews give you an overview of all opinions about a product out there. Average ratings are not enough; users want to go deeper. That’s why you should provide several forms of

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