Get Up at 6 in the Morning to Go for a Run

It’s been years since I got up so early in the morning to go running. Going to bed between 1 and 2 am on weekdays I honestly haven’t had the strength to do that anymore.

Disconnecting Kilian Jornet style

We have just finished a few days of subsidized vacation for my in-laws in the Swiss mountains. I have always been more of the beach but nobody can deny the beauty of the landscape when you see snowy mountains and one of them is Mont Blanc .

I have climbed (yesterday) 750 meters running. Indonesia WhatsApp Number List . It is the second time in these mini-vacations that I set the alarm clock to enjoy the views sweating. The descent has been impressive. It’s hard to describe the feeling when you’re racing downhill at full throttle, snowy mountains surround you, and you have enough breath to sing a Beatles song whose tune I can’t remember anymore (and hey, I never sing). You feel a bit like Kilian Jornet with these views. If you know his videos you know what I’m talking about.

They are those little moments of happiness that you have to enjoy when you meet them. Indonesia WhatsApp Number List . I have the defect that I think I share with many people of needing “extreme” situations to experience that feeling. The happiest among us get it simply by their way of being and their positive attitude towards life.

Total Exhaustion as a Form of Disconnection

Indonesia WhatsApp Number List
Indonesia WhatsApp Number List

It is important to disconnect completely and there are few moments in which I usually achieve it. I don’t usually stop. Indonesia WhatsApp Number List . I never take a nap because when the children sleep and my wife rests, I can work. There are no dead times like now that I am traveling on the train to Geneva airport, giving my little one a sandwich and at the same time leaving these last 3 sentences in the notes on my mobile so that today I can go to bed earlier.

Rereading the last lines I realize that I am obsessed. I thank my parents for making me the person I am and will be one day. I have an internal force that pushes me forward when I am at the limit. Giving it all is not enough. Happiness is not free and has a price.

Disconnecting at the Moment Is Not My Thing.

Working is part of my life. I don’t want to rest from enjoying. Indonesia WhatsApp Number List . Running is my time to get the negative energy out of my body. You realize that if you want you can always push yourself a little more. The first day I climbed the 750 meters it took me 57 minutes. The second time I arrived in 10 minutes less.

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