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Keep your business leaders informed. You need their advocacy when you roll out the new platform.

Clarify your requirements

Find out what every team needs from a content management platform. “Once you understand your needs, you can go on a demo call Italy Phone Number for five minutes and know right away, ‘No, it’s not the right one for us,’ and move on,” says Rachel.

If you are unclear about your requirements, you can waste a lot of time in the verification process.

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Compare platforms

Determine how each platform Italy Phone Number would manage your campaigns, fit your workflows (which vary from group to group), and integrate with your technology stack. Is it easy to use? “Find a platform that people will adopt,” says Rachel.

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Decide what content to migrate

You cannot import your entire content repository into a new platform. Consider using the platform, at least initially, for new content only. If you’re contributing legacy content, focus on your best content.

Learning from pilot projects

Italy Phone Number
Italy Phone Number

Early on – in tandem with your other activities – create pilot projects where the need is greatest in your organization.

For example, Rockwell’s teams in Asia Pacific and Latin America managed emails in Eloqua and asked for help. They created a pilot using B2B content marketing platform Kapost, which helped them manage translations, time zones, and their own vendors.

Since Kapost integrates with Eloqua, they could link the content creation process and the email asset creation process. (In this case, Eloqua emails were the content, and Kapost was the platform that managed that content.) Content owners also had access to analytics.


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