Forums Are a Goldmine of Knowledge for Your Blog

Everyone is now talking about blogs again. After it seemed that they had died, now the topic is back in fashion because we have realized that sometimes 140 characters are not enough.

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Nobody talks about forums. They seem to Uzbekistan B2B List be out of fashion. Are there still people moving around? If you are not a member in a forum you will probably think that the forums are dead. In reality, the opposite happens.

Why blogs are not cool and forums are . Let’s be honest. A blog is impractical for sharing knowledge. I invest every day at least 1 hour to get the daily post. If you do not like to write and share your passion in your blog, it is difficult to maintain a high publication rate that allows you to have a blog that is read one day.

If you participate in a forum you have immediate feedback sharing knowledge. In your blog apart from your mother, your partner and 2 or 3 friends there is no one at the beginning. It can take months for you to get the first comment. Is this frustrating or not? Forums have never been as alive as they are now. The reason is very simple: they are a gold mine of knowledge.

Complete Your Blog With What You Learn in Forums

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You have to take advantage of both worlds. With a blog, it is more difficult to receive feedback, but it is worth having patience and continuing to work. A forum is a perfect place to get inspired. If you want to take advantage of it, you have to take into account some points before starting.

A forum is not Twitter or Facebook : forums are a different field than social networks. You have to know the netiquette of each one of them before you actively participate in the community.
Little Pills of Knowledge – How many blogs actually contribute content that is unique and not recycled from other sources? In forums you find pills of knowledge from people who share their experiences and that in many cases you can’t find in blogs.
Profit and return what you receive : like everything in life it is about give and take. Participate in threads where you can contribute your knowledge and help another member to solve a problem of theirs.
You have multiple sources of knowledge that can help you to continue learning and find new topics for your blog. Not everything you see in forums can be used in your blog and many things you read will only serve to inspire you. Taking into account the importance of being able to continuously generate new content, this small detail already adds a lot of value. Forums are much better than your reputation.

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